Routes to Belonging –a recap

Thanks to everyone who joined us on Tuesday, March 24th, for the our first Learning Exchange event, “Routes to Belonging: the role of cities in the civic and political integration of immigrants”. My name is Kim Turner and as the project lead for Cities of Migration, I can say that after months of work it was thrilling for the Cities of Migration team here at Maytree to have over 120 participants from over 36 global cities including Madrid, LA, Essen, Belfast, The Hague, London… and many others. Even better was the way that particpating cities began connecting directly to one another – our chat log shows Malmo talking to Boston and Vancouver, London talking to Dublin and so on. That kind of direct city to city conversation, whether in our hosted forum or directly offline is what this project – and this blog space is all about, broadening the lens on “integration” by connecting people to great ideas.

If you missed it or if you would like to take another look or listen to the presentation, please click on: Routes of Belonging for a recording of the event.

Over the next couple of weeks our presenters Kica Matos from New Haven and Cormac O’Donnell from Dublin will be responding to particpant questions that we couldn’t get to. In the meantime, we invite you to post your thoughts and comments on some of the issues we discussed, such as:

What is the role of cities in accelerating the civic and political integration of immigrants?

And if the term “integration” means something different in every country, where is the common ground for how to improve the quality of integration in our global cities?