Fulfilling the Promise: Integrating Immigrant Skills into the Urban Economy

From Toronto and Auckland!

Av Utukuri, CTO of Nytric, shows off TRIEC award

Av Utukuri, CTO of Nytric, shows off TRIEC award

So how do successful cities do it? How can our cities harness the competitive advantage of diversity and benefit from the skills and talent that fuel innovation and drive high performance?

Timezones and different hemispheres didn’t stop participants from cities in Auckland, Australia, Canada, China, the United States — and  a sleepless few from Europe– from coming together for  solutions and strategies offered up by Elizabeth McIsaac (TRIEC) and Justin Treagus(OMEGA) and a lively discussion  about TRIEC’s internationally recognized multi-stakeholder model for the integration of skilled immigrants into the labour market.  Listen to the webinar.

TRIEC’s multi-stakeholder approach means recruiting employers, universities, colleges, unions, community and immigrant organizations, occupational regulatory bodies and all three levels of government (local, state, national) to work collaboratively through programs like TRIEC’s  Mentoring Partnership.

It also means engaging the  leadership and influence that corporate partners like Deloitte bring to the table, and then working together strategically to promote the business case. As guest moderator and OMEGA partner Nick Main, Chairman, Deloitte New Zealand, pointed out:

“OMEGA’s successes in their two quarters, during a period of economic downturn, overwhelmingly demonstrates how successful this model can be… and if you look at the individual case studies, the return on the investment says its all. “

A lively conversation about the realities of today’s labour market needs and mobility, the globalization of world markets, the diversity of today’s urban communities was summed up in a great quote from TRIEC partner Zabeen Hiji, Chief HR Officer, RBC Financial Group: “If we’re not hiring the market, we’re not serving the market.”

Follow the conversation. Tune into the TRIEC-OMEGA webinar, now available online: View webinar(adjust sound from your own computer).

For more about the TRIEC to OMEGA story, read the Cities of Migration profile, From Alpha to Omega: Innovation in the Workplace.