Immigrants and the job market: an interview with Liz McIsaac

Interview with Liz McIsaac, August 28, 2009

For more infomation and good ideas on Immigrants and the Job Market, see this online interview with Liz MacIsaaac, and Tavia Grant and Jennifer Yang, of Toronto’s The Globe and Mail. The interview wraps up a special report on the two sides of Canada’s economic recovery with a look at immigrants in the work force (The Globe@Mail, Toronto, August 28, 2009). Go to the interview

More questions than answers…

We received many excellent questions from participants at this week’s webinar on how immigration contributes to city  prosperity and business success.  Good questions need answers!

So, we will be posting replies to some of those questions over the next few weeks — info and opinion from Liz McIsaac (TRIEC) in Toronto as well as Justin Treagus (OMEGA) in Auckland, based on their work and local experiences.