The Art of Integration: U 21 Wins!

At CoM we know that even the best stories can’t compete with with pictures!  Which is why the CoM newsletter has been asking you to share the photos and images that show integration in action.

Ulrich K. , from Gütersloh, Germany, shared one of his favourites with us, calling it “one of the best photo to show how labour integration of migrants and their offspring succeed.”

The photo shows the U 21 soccer team of Germany, right after they recently won the European Championship in Sweden.  The team includes 12 players with migrant background (out of 22) – this means that one of their parents are not born in Germany.

At CoM we’re big fans of the role that professional and recreational sports has in helping to really make integration happen, if you haven’t yet, check out Hockey Night In Punjabi! from Calgary or Buntkickgut! from Munich.   And keep sending us your pictures and images!