Diaspora Dialogues: New Voices, New Perspectives…

Recognizing ourselves in the narrative is at the heart of the best storytelling. Diaspora Dialogues supports the creation and presentation of new fiction, poetry and drama that reflect the complexity of the city back to Torontonians through the eyes of its richly diverse communities.

Diaspora Dialogues has successfully taken its mentoring program to Toronto’s high schools in diverse neighbourhoods as a way to support the growth of younger creative voices in the city.

Working in partnership with high school teachers, Diaspora Dialogues offers a customized series of after-school creative writing workshops for students in Grades 11 and 12. These in-school workshops are led by professional writers and consist of three 60-minute sessions per week over a three week period.

The Diaspora Dialogues secondary school programme helps students develop creative voice as well as personal confidence – and occasionally introduces them to future audiences. Some of these young writers go on to showcase their work alongside their professional mentors at local venues. Past mentors have included Griffin Prize nominee and York creative writing professor Priscila Uppal,actor and playwright Marcia Johnson and Commonwealth Prize winner Olive Senior.

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