2009: A Successful First Year

Cities of Migration tells stories about immigrants settling into urban neighbourhoods and new workplaces. We also tell stories about host communities that welcome newcomers with simple gestures, clear messages, open institutions and inclusive city spaces.

In December, Cities of Migration celebrates its first anniversary with a report card of success!

Our collection of Good Ideas in Integration is growing and so is our audience. We are adding new cities and new ideas all the time – from older gateway cities like London, Montreal, New York, and Frankfurt to rising new capitals like Auckland and Copenhagen to emerging centres of migration like Vancouver, Turin and Dublin.

With the support of our Good Idea network and our partners, Cities of Migration has travelled the world and been able to go from “beta” to sharing city stories at the United Nations Head Quarters in New York City.

Global recognition has also meant global participation. We use smart IT and our virtual Learning Exchange to bring you webinars featuring new ideas and lively Q&A with thought leaders from global cities. City-to city connections with no carbon footprint!

How we work for you and your cities:

  • Over 60 profiles from over 40 cities in our Good Ideas in Integration collection. We are aiming for 100, so please send your Good Ideas in Integration to citiesofmigration@maytree.com.
  • Archived webinars – events are available for post-event viewing on topics like: Civic engagement, Faith-based integration, Mentoring for work and daily life, Youth and migrant voice,  Ethnic health and Municipal planning for integration.
  • Integration News Updates from cities, migration networks and institutions -updated weekly, sometimes daily! 
  • Online library. Our best-kept secret. Over 450 downloadable resources to provide context and info about great ideas in urban integration. 
  • Our 2nd best kept secret – read about Good Ideas in FRENCH and GERMAN .

But there is much more to come.

This month, we are re-launching Conversations in Integration, a new e-zine with articles, interviews, news and an array of other international multimedia content.

Looking ahead!

As a real step forward, Cities of Migration will host its first international conference next year! In October  2010, join us in The Hague for the first In International Cities of Migration Conference. Co-located with the 15th International Metropolis, the event brings together international city leaders and migration experts for an open discussion about one of the most important global challenges facing cities today, the integration of urban migrants to our cities. Conference details will be available soon.

Thank you again for your interest and support of our work. We always welcome your comments and feedback citiesofmigration@maytree.com  and look forward to hearing your suggestions.

All the best for the coming year from Cities of Migration!

Kim Turner, Project Lead
Reva Seth, Communications
Evelyn Siu, Coordination

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