Making Integration Count: Local Gateways to Citizenship

Last month, Cities of Migration showcased the experience of the new immigrant gateway cities, specifically Fort Wayne, Indiana and Oslo, Norway.

The event was one of our most popular webinars to date, with a record number of participants connecting and learning from each other within the Cities of Migration forum.

Fort Wayne, Indiana (US) featured the CITYzenship Community Initiative, a customized platform of the US National League of Cities, that has been successfully used, as part of the “Stand up and be counted” campaign to encourage immigrant communities to participate in the 2010 US Census (with impressive results!).

The City of Oslo, Norway, shared the success and lessons from their long running OXLO campaign and its policy-fuelled slogan -Oslo, a city for all! The story of the campaign captures how the City of Oslo was transformed from an insular and essentially homogenous society to one where diversity counts, intercultural competence is a core organizational value and 20% of the city’s elected officials are now from minority backgrounds.

Missed it? Why not replay the complete event (including audience participation) and watch theWebinar Recording!