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  1. A Practical Reference to Religious Diversity (2005)

    Wellington, New Zealand : New Zealand Police, 2011

  2. A city built on sanctuary / Saba Salamn

    Manchester : In The Guardian, 4-Jun-09

  3. A city to model: six proposals for protecting public safety and improving relationships between immigrant communities and the City of New Haven

    New Haven, CT : Junta for Progressive Action and Unidad Latina en Acci?n City of New Haven|Junta for Progressive Action|Unidad Latina en Acci?n, 2005

  4. A guide to European diversity

    Brussels : SALTO-Youth Resource Centres, 2005?

  5. A meeting of people, a well-spring of ideas: Auckland case study report

    London : Intercultural City Intercultural City (project)|Comedia (Firm), 2006

  6. A new chance for everyone: the Danish Government?s integration plan

    Copenhagen : Ministry of Refugee, Immigration and Integration Affairs (Denmark) Ministry of Refugee, Immigration and Integration Affairs, 2005

  7. A world of opportunity: immigrant entrepreneurs / Jonathan Bowles and Tara Colton

    New York, NY : Center for an Urban Future, 2007

  8. Accessible health care: a response framework for a culturally evolving community / Angela Sasso and Elizabeth Stanger

    Vancouver : Affiliation of Multicultural Societies and Service Agencies of BC (AMSSA) AMSSA Multicultural Health Fair|Affiliation of Multicultural Societies and Service Agencies of BC (AMSSA), 2005

  9. Adjust your view: developing multicultural audiences for the arts / Fotis Kapetopoulos

    Strawberry Hills : Australia Council for the Arts, 2009

  10. Adjusting the Balance: Fixing Canada’s Economic Immigration Policies / Naomi Alboim

    Toronto : Maytree Foundation, 2009

  11. Aging Turkish migrants pose new tests for Germany

    New York : New York Times, March 2007

  12. Article from The Times: Migrant domestic workers

    London : The Times, January 21, 2010

  13. Auckland City settlement strategy

    Auckland : Auckland Council,

  14. Auckland Region Primary Health Interpreting Services Newsletter

    Auckland, New Zealand : Auckland Regional Settlement Strategy (ARSS) Migrant Health Action Plan Auckland Regional Settlement Strategy (ARSS) Migrant Health Action Plan, 08/01/2011

  15. Auckland Regional Settlement Strategy 2009 - 2014

    Auckland : Department of Labour, 2010

  16. Auckland Regional Settlement Strategy PHASE 1 Opportunities For Improving Settlement Outcomes


  17. Becoming American: becoming New Yorkers: the second generation in a majority minority city / by Philip Kasinitz, John Mollenkopf, Mary C. Waters, Jennifer Holdaway

    Washington : Migration Policy Institute, 2006

  18. Belonging: The Project

    Manifesta : Runnymede Trust, 2008

  19. Blacktown MRC newsletter

    Blacktown, NSW : Blacktown Migrant Resource Centre (MRC) Blacktown Migrant Resource Centre (MRC), 2008

  20. Boston Back Streets program toolbox

    Boston : Boston Redevelopment Authority, 2008

  21. Boston Back Streets program toolbox [website]

    Boston : Boston Redevelopment Authority, 2008

  22. Brain gain: migrant workers in New Zealand / Human Rights Commission

    Auckland, NZ : Human Rights Commission Human Rights Commission, 2008

  23. Bridging divides: the role of ethnic community-based organizations in refugee integration / Kathleen Newland, Hiroyuki Tanaka and Laura Barker

    Washington, DC : Migration Policy Institute; International Rescue Committee Migration Policy Institute|International Rescue Committee, 2007

  24. British Airport Authority (BAA): business enterprises for sustainable travel: best practices

    New York : Conference Board Conference Board, 2000

  25. Building Better Bank Ons Top 10 Lessons From Bank On San Francisco

    Washington : New America Foundation New America Foundation, 2010

  26. Burmese Refugees Find New Home in Indiana / Michael Puente

    Washington, DC : Nation Public Radio (US), 2007


    New Zealand : New Zealand Ministry of Education,

  28. Capital Ideas: new ways to bring millions of Americans into the economic mainstream / Neil Carlson

    New York : Ford Foundation Ford Foundation, 2002

  29. Changing city spaces: new challenges to cultural policy in Europe: a state of the art report / by Ulrike Hanna Meinhof and Kevin Robins

    Southampton : University of Southampton, 2003

  30. Citizenship and identity: old concepts and new challenges / Tariq Ramadan

    Rotterdam : Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, 2007

  31. City Of Vienna: OPENCities Local Action Plan

    Urbact : City of Vienna City of Vienna, 2011

  32. City of Malmo: integration in governance report

    Brussels : EUROCITIES EUROCITIES|Migration Policy Group, 2008

  33. City of New York, Office of the Mayor: Citywide Policy on Language Access / City of New York, Office of the Mayor

    New York : City of New York, Office of the Mayor City of New York, Office of the Mayor, 2008

  34. City of Oslo: Intercultural Cities report / Irena Guidikova, Phil Wood and Oliver Freeman

    Paris : Council of Europe, 2010

  35. Class struggles: public education and the new Canadian / by Andrew Duffy

    Toronto : Atkinson Foundation, 2003

  36. Computers in Homes Project Starter Pack For Schools

    Wellington, New Zealand : Computers in Homes, April 2010

  37. Criteria for acceptable documents for municipal id [identification card]

    New Haven, CT : City of New Haven City of New Haven, 2007

  38. Cross-cultural interviewing: a training toolkit for human resources and hiring managers

    New York : Upwardly Global,

  39. Cultural diversity in Britain: a toolkit for cross-cultural co-operation / Phil Wood, Charles Landry and Jude Bloomfield

    York, UK : Joseph Rowntree Foundation Joseph Rowntree Foundation, 2006

  40. Diverse Auckland: The Face of New Zealand in the 21st Century?

    Auckland : Wardlow Friesen, University of Auckland, 2008

  41. Diversity Moves Frankfurt/Vielfalt bewegt Frankfurt

    Frankfurt : City of Frankfurt, 2009

  42. Diversity matters: changing the face of public boards / Nancy Averill

    Toronto : Maytree Foundation Maytree Foundation, 2008

  43. English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL): The Refugee Handbook for Schools

    New Zealand : New Zealand Ministry of Education,

  44. Explaining English Language Proficiency Among Adolescent Immigrant Students

    New York : Sage Publications American Educational Research Journal, 01/28/2009

  45. Faith-based ethnic residential communities and neighbourliness / Sandeep Kumar Agrawal and Mohammad Qadeer

    Toronto : CERIS, 2008

  46. Fast, Fair and Final: Reforming Canada’s Refugee System / Peter Showler and Maytree

    Toronto : Maytree Foundation, 2009

  47. Financial access for immigrants: lessons from diverse perspectives / Anna Paulson, Audrey Singer, Robin Newberger and Jeremy Smith

    Chicago : Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago;The Brookings Institution Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago|Brookings Institution, 2006

  48. Financial literacy for newcomers: weaving immigrant needs into financial education / by Rebecca Armstrong

    Durham, NC : Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, 2005

  49. Findings from the Holme Wood (Bradford) Development Project: demographic changes and effects / Huw Illingworth

    London : Young Foundation, 2008

  50. Five Steps for Immigrant Professionals to Prepare for the Job Search

    New York : Upwardly Global,

  51. From Immigration to Integration: Local Solutions to a Global Challenge / Francesca Froy, Sylvain Giguère, editors

    Paris : OECD, 2008

  52. From immigration to participation: a new report on promising practices in integration / Winnie Wong, Yves Poisson

    Ottawa : Public Policy Forum, 2008

  53. Germany adjusts to cope with a retiring Turkish population / By Naomi Kresge

    : International Herald Tribune, February 22, 2008

  54. Germany?s first street football festival is a huge hit

    Berlin : Street Football World, 2008

  55. Gesundheit Hand in Hand: das deutsche Gesundheitssystem: ein Wegweiser für Migrantinnen und Migranten / Katja Ngassa Djomo al.

    Essen : Ethno-Medizinisches Zentrum e.V., BKK Bundesverband, 2008

  56. Getting there on foot, by cycle: a strategy to advance walking and cycling in New Zealand transport

    Auckland : New Zealand Dept. of Transport, 2005

  57. Handbook on How to Implement a One-Stop-Shop / Catarina Reis Oliveira, Maria Abranchesand Claire Healy

    Lisbon : ACIDI, 2009

  58. Handbook on integration: for policy-makers and practioners. 2nd ed. / Jan Niessen and Yongmi Schibel

    Luxembourg : European Commission Migration Policy Group|European Commission, 2007

  59. Health hand in hand: the German health system: a guide for migrants / Katja Ngassa Djomo al.

    Essen : Ethno-Medizinisches Zentrum e.V., BKK Bundesverband, 2008

  60. Health workforce and international migration: can New Zealand compete? / Pascal Zurn and Jean-Christophe Dumont

    Paris : World Health Organization World Health Organization (WHO), 2008

  61. Helping new refugees integrate into the UK: baseline data analysis from the Survey of New Refugees / Megan Daniel, Claire Devine, Rebecca Gillespie, Elizabeth Pendry and Andrew Zurawan

    United Kingdom : UK Border Agency, July 2010

  62. Illinois takes lead to promote immigrant integration / Michael Kay

    Sebastopol, CA : Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees, 2006

  63. Immigrant Self-Employment and Entrepreneurship in the GTA

    : Toronto: Maytree; Metcalf Foundation Dr. Sarah V. Wayland., 2011

  64. Immigrant gateways: faces of the next cities / Audrey Singer

    Cleveland, Ohio : Brookings Institute; Metropolitan Policy Program Brookings Institute|Metropolitan Policy Program, 2007

  65. Immigrant integration at the local level: comparison between Stuttgart and selected US cities. / Ay?e Özbabacan [Ayse Ozbabacan]

    Washington : German Marshall Fund, 2009

  66. Immigrants and voting: 2008 Election profile: New York

    Washington : Migration Policy Institute, 2008

  67. Immigrants as Innovators: Boosting Canada’s Global Competitiveness / Michelle Downie

    Toronto : Conference Board of Canada, 2010

  68. Immigrants bring new take on life, and death / by Julie Middleton

    : In New Zealand Herald, 19-Oct-05

  69. Immigrants in the hinterlands / Andr? Bernard

    Ottawa : Statistics Canada, 2008

  70. Immigration and America?s Black population / by Mary Mederios Kent

    Washington, D.C. : Population Bulletin, 62:4 (2007) 79?96 Population Research Bureau,

  71. Immigration and inclusion in South Wales / Terry Threadgold ...[et al.]

    York : Joseph Rowntree Foundation Joseph Rowntree Foundation, 2008

  72. Immigration and social cohesion in the UK: the rhythms and realities of everyday life / Mary Hickman, Helen Crowley and Nick Mai

    London : Joseph Rowntree Foundation, 2008

  73. Immigration and social cohesion in the UK: the rhythms and realities of everyday life / Mary Hickman, Helen Crowley and Nick Mai

    York, UK : Joseph Rowntree Foundation Joseph Rowntree Foundation, 2008

  74. Immigration in Connecticut: a growing opportunity / Rafael Mejia, Priscilla Canny

    New Haven, CT : Connecticut Voices for Children Connecticut Voices for Children, 2007

  75. Immigration on-the-air : a scan of broadcast news and commentary programming: media content analysis / by Douglas Gould and Associates

    New York : The Opportunity Agenda, 2008

  76. Immigration, diversity and urban citizenship in Toronto / Myer Siemiatycki and Engin Isin

    Toronto : CERIS Joint Centre of Excellence for Research on Immigration and Settlement (CERIS), 1997

  77. Immigration: the New Zealand Experience / R. Winkelman

    Bonn : Institute for the Study of Labor Forschungsinstitut zur Zukunft der Arbeit, 1999

  78. Improving access to multilingual health information for newcomers to Canada / Valeria Gallo Stampino

    Ottawa : National Research Council of Canada National Research Council (Canada), 2007

  79. Independent Lens: Welcome to Shelbyville

    : Corporation for Public Broadcasting , 2011

  80. Integration potential of California?s immigrants and their children: new estimates of potential new voters at the state, county, and legislative district level / by Rob Paral

    Sebastopol, Calif : GCIR Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees (GCIR), 2008

  81. Internationals Network of Public Schools

    New York : Internationals Network of Public Schools, 2011

  82. Investing in change: why investing in advocacy makes sense for foundations

    Hamilton, Bermuda : Atlantic Philanthropies Atlantic Philanthropies, 2008

  83. Is the Duisburg Merkez Mosque a prime example of successful integration? / Kristina Kamp

    Istanbul : Today's Zaman, 2008

  84. Italy: integrating the Chinese business community / Dany Mitzman

    Bonn : Deutsche Welle, 2006

  85. JPMorgan Chase and Upwardly Global: a case study

    New York : Upwardly Global Upwardly Global,

  86. Jobs for workers of the world / by Bernard Simon

    Toronto : Steanwhistle Brewery Toronto Regional Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC)|Mentoring Partnership, 2008

  87. Launch of Campaign to Highlight Voting Power of New Irish Citizens

    Dublin : Immigrant Council of Ireland Immigrant Council of Ireland, 02/15/2011

  88. Living Together: Projects Promoting Inclusion in 11 EU Cities

    New York City : Open Society Foundations Open Society Foundations, 2011

  89. Longitudinal survey of immigrants to Canada : process, progress, prospects / by Tina Chui

    Ottawa : Statistics Canada, 2003

  90. Madrid: A European capital embracing integration

    Luxembourg : European Commission, 2010

  91. Main Street: Blacktown MRC magazine

    Blacktown, NSW : Blacktown Migrant Resource Centre (MRC) Blacktown Migrant Resource Centre (MRC), 2005

  92. Many nationalities – one nation: a proposal for a White House Office of New Americans Integration / Fred Tsao and Joshua Hoyt

    Chicago : Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, 2009

  93. Mapping social cohesion 2009: the Scanlon Foundation surveys: summary report / Andrew Markus

    Melbourne : Scanlon Foundation, 2009

  94. Mentoring matters (newsletter)

    Toronto : Mentoring Partnership Toronto Regional Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC)|Mentoring Partnership, 2005-

  95. Migrant news: the voice of new Kiwis (website)

    Northshore City, NZ : Migrant News, 2004

  96. Migration and the remittance euphoria: development or dependency / Susanna Mitchell

    London : New Economics Foundation, 2006

  97. Migration in the new millennium: recommendations of the Transatlantic Learning Community / Annette Heuser

    G?tersloh, Germany : Bertelsmann Foundation Bertelsmann Foundation|German Marshall Fund of the United States|Centrum f?r angewandte Politikforschung (CAP), 2000

  98. Muslims in Antwerp: At Home in Europe Project

    New York : Open Society Foundations, 2011

  99. Nation building through cities: a new deal for immigrant settlement in Canada / Elizabeth McIsaac

    Ottawa : Caledon Institute of Social Policy Caledon Institute of Social Policy, 2003

  100. New Americans vote! advancing social change and strengthening U.S. democracy: an action brief for fundeers

    Sebastopol, Calif : GCIR, 2006

  101. New European migration: good practice guide for local authorities / written by Dominic Byrne and Jennifer Tankard

    London : IDeA, 2007

  102. New Government Should Include Migrant Representative in Seanad

    Dublni : Immigrant Council of Ireland Immigrant Council of Ireland, 02/17/2011

  103. New Haven's Elm City resident cards: fact sheet

    New Haven, CT : City of New Haven City of New Haven, 2007

  104. New Zealanders' perceptions of Asia: report / by Colmar Brunton

    Wellington : Asia New Zealand Foundation, 2009

  105. North Rhine-Westphalia: Land of new integration opportunities. Federal state government report

    Düsseldorf, Germany : Family, Women and Integration of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia Ministry for Intergenerational Affairs, 2010

  106. Nuevas comunidades en Greenwich, Ayuntamiento de Greenwich

    Greenwich : Ayuntamiento de Greenwich, 05/01/2007

  107. OMEGA (website)

    : OMEGA OMEGA (Opportunities for Migrant Employment in Greater Auckland),

  108. One Stop Shop: a new answer for immigrant integration: evaluation of the One Stop Shop project: executive summary / Rinus Penninx

    Lisbon : ACIDI University of Amsterdam. Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies, 2009

  109. Philanthropy in a changing society: achieving effectiveness through diversity: full report / by Jessica Chao...[et al.]

    New York : Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, 2008

  110. Programa para Comprometerse en Copenhague 2011-13

    Copenhagen : City of Copenhagen, 2011

  111. Project Twin Streams Strategic Plan

    Auckland (NZ) : Auckland Regional Council, 2006

  112. Queens Library New Americans Program

    New York : Queens Library, 2009

  113. Quince buenas ideas: gestión de la diversidad cultural en las ciudades / Cities of Migration

    Barcelona : Fundación Bertelsmann, 2012

  114. Reception and integration of newly arrived immigrants: synthesis report, France / Pierre Guibentif

    Luxembourg : European Union European Union, 2004

  115. Refugees As Survivors New Zealand, Newsletter

    Auckland : Refugees As Survivors New Zealand, February 2007

  116. Regenerating neighbourhoods in partnership: learning from emergent practice

    Copenhagen : ENTRUST, 2004

  117. Respecting culture near the end of life / Rod MacLeod

    : In European Journal of Palliative Care, 15 (2), 2008

  118. Stage Two Evaluation of the Sustainable Communities: Sustainable Catchment Project / By Rachael Trotman

    Auckland (NZ) : Department of Internal Affairs and Auckland Regional Council, 2006

  119. Susan Marjetti: Beyond Roti and the Year of the Rat

    : In: The DiversiPro Coach, June/July 2009

  120. TOK: Writing the new Toronto, writing the new city, v. 1-4 / edited by helen walsh

    Toronto : Diaspora Dialogues, 2006 - 2009

  121. Tackling underachievement of learners from ethnic minorities: a comparison of recent policies of school improvement in Germany, England and Switzerland / Mechtild Gomolla

    New York : Columbia University, Teachers College, 2006

  122. The Community Club, North Melbourne's Arden St redevelopment

    Melbourne : Roo Beauty, June 2009

  123. The Elm City resident card: New Haven reaches out to immigrants / by Kica Matos

    Boston : Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, 2008

  124. The Future: Vienna

    AERYC : OPENCities OPENCities, 2008

  125. The How-To Guide for Immigrant Seniors / City of Fremont Human Services Department

    City of Fremont : City of Fremont Human Services Department City of Fremont Human Services Department, 2009

  126. The Illegals [a play]: evaluation report

    Actors for Human Rights : London, 2008

  127. The New Favorite of Investors: Nursing Homes

    USA : TurkoAmerica, August 2008

  128. The Plan of Action for Wellington Settlement / Immigration New Zealand

    Wellington : Immigration New Zealand, 2008

  129. The Quality of Life in 12 of New Zealand's Cities

    New Zealand : Quality of Life, 2008

  130. The Wellington Regional Settlement Strategy / Immigration New Zealand

    Wellington : Immigration New Zealand, 2008

  131. The economic impact of immigration on housing in New Zealand 1991?2016 / Kel Sanderson, Dr Ganesh Nana, David Norman and Jiani Wu

    Wellington, NZ : Business and Economic Research, 2007

  132. The housing pathways of new immigrants: arrival experiences and settlement stories of new immigrants in Sheffield / David Robinson, Kesia Reeve and Rionach Casey

    London : Joseph Rowntree Foundation, 2007

  133. The integration of migrants: engaging employers, unions and the voluntary sector: background briefing / Sarah Spencer and Sarah Cooke

    Oxford : Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS), 2006

  134. The new neighbors : a user's guide to data on immigrants in U.S. communities / Randy Capps, Jeffrey S. Passel, Daniel Perez-Lopez, Michael Fix

    Washington, DC : Urban Institute, 2003

  135. The newest New Yorkers 2000: immigrant New York in the new millennium / Arun Peter Lobo and Joseph J. Salvo

    New York : New York Dept.of City Planning New York (City).Dept.of City Planning, 2004

  136. The reception and integration of new migrant communities

    London : Institute for Public Policy Research Commission for Racial Equality|Institute for Public Policy Research, 2007

  137. The role of cities in immigrant integration / by Brian Ray

    Washington : Migration Policy Institute, 2003

  138. The role of municipal leaders in helping immigrants become an integral part of Colorado?s communities

    Denver, CO : Colorado Trust; Colorado Municipal League Colorado Trust|Colorado Municipal League, 2006

  139. Toronto as a Global City: Scorecard on Prosperity, 2010

    Toronto : Toronto Board of Trade, 2010

  140. Towards a progressive immigration policy / edited by Don Flynn and Zoe Williams

    London : Compass Barrow Cadbury Trust|Compass|Migrants Rights Network, 2008

  141. Towards integration: a city framework / Dublin City Council

    Dublin : Dublin City Development Board, 2008

  142. UNISON Migrant Workers Participation Project Evaluation Report / Sian Moore, Max Watson

    London : UNISON, 2009

  143. Undocumented students: an investment in our country?s future / Michael Kay

    Sebastopol, CA : Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees, 2006

  144. Unsettled: legal and policy barriers for newcomers to Canada / Sarah V. Wayland,

    Ottawa : Community Foundations of Canada (CFC) Law Commission of Canada (LCC)|Community Foundations of Canada (CFC), 2006

  145. Urban citizenship: the slogan is participation

    Rotterdam : City of Rotterdam City of Rotterdam, 2007

  146. Walking School Bus is so much more than just walking

    Carlton South : VicHealth, 2007

  147. Water Safety Education News and Views

    Auckland : WaterSafe Auckland, August 2010

  148. We Are New York Study Guide

    New York : The City University of New York, 2009

  149. Wellington Regional Settlement Strategy Update 2011 / Immigration New Zealand

    Wellington : Immigration New Zealand, 2011

  150. Wellington Regional Settlement Strategy – An Overview / Immigration New Zealand

    Wellington : Immigration New Zealand, 2008

  151. Why no one protested against Germany's biggest mosque: Muslim integration / by Carolin Jenkner

    : Spiegel Online International, 2008

  152. Women into Work

    Copenhagen : Danish Red Cross, 2008

  153. Working for a better life: a profile of immigrants in the New York State economy / David Dyssegaard Kallick

    New York : Fiscal Policy Institute, 2007

  154. Working with and for older immigrants: ICT pilot project for building bridges to the country of origin / Marie Mense

    Bonn : AAMEE, 2008

  155. Your Prescription for Success

    Wellington : Pharmacy Guild of New Zealand, 2009

  156. Youth and new immigrants in Toronto (PPT) / Harvey Low

    Toronto : City of Toronto, Social Development Finance & Administration Division City of Toronto, Social Development Finance & Administration Division, 2006 (rev.)

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