Cities of Migration présente la bonne pratique dans le domaine de l'intégration des migrants urbains et promeut des idées innovatrices qui mènent à l'équité, à la cohésion sociale et à la prospérité des villes.

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Jay Pitter: We have to learn how to ask uncomfortable questions about diversity in order to...More.

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Jochen Köhnke shares his vision for Münster: the importance of contact between locals and refugees; housing...More.

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Upcoming Webinar Online/Offline: How Technology Can Empower Local Refugee Communities

Join us online on November 23 for a conversation with Alan Vernon, Project Lead, Connectivity for Refugees, UNHCR, UN Refugee Agency and Joséphine Goube, Chief Operating Officer of Techfugees, to unpack UNHCR’s latest report, Connecting Refugees: How Internet and Mobile Connectivity Can Improve Refugee Well-Being and Transform Humanitarian Action, on the critical role that information and communications technology plays in improving the lives of refugees from city to city.More

Webinar Video Job-Ready, Set, Go! Connecting Immigrant and Refugee Youth to Employment

Win-win solutions from social enterprises in Sweden and France that are helping businesses tap the diversity advantage by connecting them to talented immigrant youth. More

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A collection of videos & resources on topics ranging from Refugee Integration to Financial Inclusion and Municipal Leadership. Read More
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Maires : sur l'immigration

  • Jussi Pajunen

    “Immigrants are a positive force in Finnish society.”

    Jussi Pajunen Mayor of Helsinki

  • Raquel Castaneda

    “Immigrants tend to open more small businesses, which leads to more jobs.”

    Raquel Castañeda-López Council member from Detroit

  • Olaf Scholz

    “Naturalization is much more than an administrative act. It is the declared belief in our state and our society.”

    Olaf Scholz First Mayor, Hamburg

  • Rahm_200x200

    “I want our city to be the first destination for immigrants because they are going to create the jobs, create the new companies, the businesses of the future. We have to be the most welcoming cities we can be.”

    Rahm Emanuel Mayor, Chicago, US

  • “Bilbao is an open city. At the City Council we encourage values of coexistence, dialogue and management of cultural diversity. In Bilbao, all persons, whether from Bilbao or outside, have the same opportunities and access to services offered by the city.”

    Iñaki Azkuna Mayor, Bilbao, Spain

  • Boise was built by immigrants. Our city has long been a place where people came from around the world to find economic opportunity and build a better life.

    David H. Bieter Mayor, Boise, US

  • bloomberg_lowres.crop2

    “…we know immigrants are behind more than three of every four patents from leading universities, the federal laws that send so many of them back to their home countries look even more patently wrong.”

    Mayor Michael Bloomberg New York, US

Maires : sur l'immigration


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