The Maytree Team

Maytree is a private foundation in Canada that provides leadership on diversity and urban prosperity issues (www.maytree.com). Maytree is committed to improving the integration of urban migrants in Canada and sharing our experience with other urban centres internationally. The prosperity of our nation and that of urban regions around the world is closely tied to the success and prosperity of the many migrants who flock to our cities.

Knowing that public policy can address systemic social problems, Maytree works with governments, organizations and individuals to propose “policy ready” solutions. Success depends on a real commitment from government to be a partner in creating community solutions and building an equitable society.

Maytree takes a practical approach to conversations that deal with issues of migration and diversity. It is this approach – practical, focused, driven by the desire to improve the lives of immigrants in our major cities – which we bring to Cities of Migration.

For more information on Maytree, visit The Maytree Foundation website.

Project Team

Kim Turner, Project Leader, Cities of Migration

Evelyn Siu, Project Coordinator, Cities of Migration