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  1. Boston, United States

    A Million Dollar Question: Youth Lead the Change

    The city's participatory budgeting program invites young adults to share their ideas for building a better city through capital investments in local  neighbourhoods and communities

  2. Paris, France

    All Parisians, All Citizens

    City government establishes a council of non-citizens to ensure the voice of all residents is represented at the decision table

  3. Toronto, Canada

    Changing the Face of Leadership: DiverseCity onBoard

    Promoting urban prosperity by diversifying leadership

  4. Toronto, Canada

    Citizens For Citizenship

    Citizenship ceremonies bring communities together in celebration.

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  6. London, United Kingdom

    Coaching Ordinary Citizens To Be Extraordinary

    Ensuring diversity in public appointments helps public agencies, boards and commissions -and the organizations they do business with- become more representative and accountable to the communities they serve

  7. Christchurch, New Zealand

    Community First: Christchurch’s Emergency Response

    Cultural outreach and community engagement helps police and social services be prepared to help newcomers during crisis

  8. Mannheim, Germany

    Diversity Day: Today and Every Day in Mannheim

    City leadership takes a corporate-led diversity charter to the streets

  9. Frankfurt, Germany

    Diversity Moves Frankfurt

    Hitting the virtual highway for a public consultation on integration

  10. Marseille, France

    From Hope to Fraternity: Marseille Espérance

    Mayoral leadership brings together religious communities to create a forum for dialogue and community mediation

  11. Barcelona, Spain

    From Neighbours to Citizens: the Barcelona Interculturality Plan

    A roadmap to the intercultural city based on common values, civic participation and everyday interactions.

  12. Fort Wayne, United States

    Gateway to Little Burma

    New gateway cities make newcomer communities count -and be counted.

  13. Cardiff, Wales

    Language from the Law: The Cardiff E.S.O.L. Police Project

    Police build trust through language and skill training programs delivered to new immigrants

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  15. Toronto, Canada

    Learning By Doing

    A university led refugee sponsorship program creates experiential learning opportunities for students, volunteers and new institutional partnerships across the city.

  16. Boston, United States

    MIRA: Media Advocacy With A Human Face

    Using personal stories to re-frame a communications campaign

  17. London, United Kingdom

    Mapping Community Cohesion in Waltham Forest

    Community engagement is a council’s strategy to deliver social cohesion

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  19. Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Match

    Connecting civic boards and advisory committee with diverse candidates

  20. Toronto, Canada

    Mes Amis: The Clothing Drive

    A call to action for refugee clothing launches a store, an online community and a social movement

  21. Antwerp, Belgium

    Minding Minority Interests at City Hall

    A city council invites a federation of minority groups to improve community relations

  22. Toronto, Canada

    Naan in the Park: Re-imagining Public Space

    From reclaiming public space to opening up economic opportunities, a local women’s group re-imagines what their neighbourhood can and should be.

  23. Neukölln, Germany

    Neighbourhood Mothers Leading the Way in Neukölln

    Immigrant women are trained as mentors and agents of integration to help new immigrant families in local communities.

  24. Lisbon, Portugal

    One Stop Shop: Mainstreaming Integration

    Centralized service centres for improved coordination and better services to newcomers

  25. Birmingham, United Kingdom

    Operation Black Vote

    Promoting diverse leadership for a more equal and representative democracy

  26. Stuttgart, Germany

    Refugee Dialogues

    Dialogues and friendship circles help the host community appreciate the 'human face' of refugees and their experiences, through their own stories

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  28. Paris, France

    SINGA: Connecting Community, New and Old

    What if we saw refugees as part of the solution to strengthening our communities?

  29. Nashville, United States

    Shelbyville’s Ambassadors of Welcome

    Community ambassadors use traditional American values of hospitality to improve perceptions of immigration

  30. Hume City, Australia

    Social Justice Charter and Citizen’s Bill of Rights

    A city charter that promises equality and human rights for all city residents

  31. Barcelona, Spain

    Status: Good Neighbours

    Universal access to city services starts with the civil register.

  32. Brooklyn Center, United States

    Taking Time for Community Safety

    A 2-way community engagement strategy helps police contribute to safe, welcoming communities

  33. London, United Kingdom

    Team London and the Mayor's Mentoring Scheme

    Building city-wide voluntary networks to improve social problems

  34. Amadora, Portugal

    The Generation Project: Community Partnerships for Youth

    Creative communities meet the needs of youth with investments in human capital

  35. Hatfield (Hertfordshire), United Kingdom

    The Polish Forum and the Fire Station

    An immigrant community promotes civic engagement and community partnerships with local government and agencies

  36. Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

    Together in the same direction

    A network of community groups and associations builds trust and confidence in the city’s integration agenda

  37. Auckland, New Zealand

    Twin Streams Project: Common Ground for Environmental Sustainability

    Creating common ground for strong communities and environmental sustainability.

  38. New Haven, United States

    Urban Citizens: Municipal Identification Cards (ID) For Inclusive And Safe Communities

    Proactive city government takes the lead nationally on recognizing the interests of all city residents

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  40. Rotterdam, Netherlands

    Urban Citizenship and Identity

    "Integration is a concept from the past. "Contribution" is the concept of the future." - Dr. Tariq Ramadan

  41. Auckland, New Zealand

    Volunteering for Health, Heart and Work

    A volunteer program connects migrants to relevant work experience while fostering a caring intercultural environment for both workers and residents in a residential health facility

  42. Athens, Greece

    Welcome to City Plaza, Athens

    A refugee accommodation project in a disused seven-storey hotel helps build new lives by fostering a culture of community participation based on diversity and mutual respect

  43. Richmond Hill, Canada

    Welcoming Diverse Leadership

    A growing municipality takes steps to improve minority representation on civic boards

  44. Berlin, Germany

    When My Home Becomes Our Home

    When residents share their living spaces with refugees they learn about a different culture, becoming 'ambassadors for inclusion' in their own communities.

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