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  1. Leicester, United Kingdom

    Asylum Dialogues

    Exploring human rights stories through theatre performance.

  2. Peel Region, Canada

    BollywoodMonster MashUp

    Building a welcoming city through the arts means building opportunities for diverse artists and artistic expression in the creative economy

  3. Auckland, New Zealand

    Bookshelves and Bollywood: Delivering on Diversity

    Library services reflect the city’s growing diversity and tomorrow’s information needs

  4. Wellington, New Zealand

    Bringing Maori Culture to Newcomers: The Wellington Regional Settlement Strategy

    A collaborative approach to connect newcomers with Maori, the people of the land

  5. Singapore, Singapore

    Cook and Share a Pot of Curry Day

    Helping newcomers integrate through a celebration of food,  local culture and good neighbours

  6. Canberra, Australia

    Courting Justice: Families and The Law in Australia

    Demystifying the judicial system for newcomers through community-led education strategies empowers new and emerging communities.

  7. London, United Kingdom

    Dealing With Diabetes: The Maslaha Project

    Promoting health to religious communities with culturally sensitive resources and tools

  8. Toronto, Canada

    Diaspora Dialogues: Writing the New City

    Developing audience, voice and a meaningful reflection of the city through its culturally diverse writers.

  9. Valongo, Portugal

    Do not Judge a Book by its Cover

    A living library uses life stories to engage young people and break down prejudice and stereotypes about diversity

  10. Palmerston North City, New Zealand

    First Voice

    A storytelling project brings first and second generation migrant school students and mentors together to write stories in their first languages.

  11. Marseille, France

    From Hope to Fraternity: Marseille Espérance

    Mayoral leadership brings together religious communities to create a forum for dialogue and community mediation

  12. London, United Kingdom

    Future-Proofing the Library: The Idea Store

    An aging library system’s dramatic re-invention delivers better service for its community today—and into the future

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  14. Berlin, Germany

    Hayat means Life

    A localized, alternative approach to de-radicalization that focuses on family bonds over police intervention.

  15. Calgary, Canada

    Hockey Night In Canada - In Punjabi!

    Multilingual sports commentary brings hockey fans together

    The show that keeps getting cancelled gets another reprieve! Multilingual sports commentary brings hockey fans together

  16. Melbourne, Australia

    Kangaroos, Football and the Local Community

    An Aussie-rules Football team rebuilds by bringing the community with them.

  17. London, United Kingdom

    London: Making Museums A Hub For Integration

  18. Badalona, Spain

    Making Space for a Sikh Parade

    A cultural street procession creates a common space for good neighbours

  19. Blackburn with Darwen, United Kingdom

    Meet Your Neighbours

    Promoting interaction and understanding through inter-faith dialogue

  20. London, United Kingdom

    Muslim Girls Fence

    Breaking down stereotypes about Muslim communities and empowering young women through the sport of fencing

  21. Paris, France

    Narratives of Belonging

    Young people using film express identity and belonging.

  22. Wellington, New Zealand

    New Zealand Police finds Engagement with Migrant Communities

    Handbook to religious diversity helps police improve relations with minority groups

  23. Rheine, Germany

    Open Mosques against Prejudice

    Open doors help build open communities.

  24. Wiesbaden, Germany

    Private Prayer in Public School

    A new curriculum for the instruction of Islam in primary school creates a more inclusive and equitable educational experience for German families with a Muslim background

  25. Valladolid, Spain

    Semana Intercultural: Valladolid’s Week of Sharing Ideas and Cultures

    A cultural festival raises awareness and strengthens intercultural co-existence while promoting civic engagement through a collaborative planning process.

  26. Copenhagen, Denmark

    Superkilen: Extreme civic involvement

    An urban regeneration project re-imagines a city park as a space for living in diversity and a global community

  27. Toronto, Canada

    Taking Teachers on Community and Faith Walks

    Inner-city teachers get to know the community by going outside the school

  28. Toronto, Canada

    Taking the Plunge

    An inclusive design for cultural and gender equity enhances openness, safety, and accessibility at the community pool

  29. Botkyrka, Sweden

    The Dilemma Workshop

    Living and working together in the intercultural city means challenging discrimination and implicit bias one person at a time

  30. Duisburg, Germany

    The Miracle of Marxloh: Bringing A Community Together Around A New Mosque

    Participatory planning means social inclusion for all residents and cause for celebration for the community at large

  31. Madrid, Spain

    The Open Library Welcomes the World at Home

    Multilingual services and bilingual intercultural mediators create inclusive public space and a sense of welcome for new communities

  32. Vancouver, Canada

    The Vancouver Dialogues Project: Where the Gold Mountain Meets Turtle Island

    Increasing intercultural understanding and connection between Aboriginal and immigrant communities

  33. Ghent, Belgium

    The Youth Ambassador Project

    Young people with a migrant background share their stories about their paths to success and the challenges they have overcome

  34. Auckland, New Zealand

    Volunteering for Health, Heart and Work

    A volunteer program connects migrants to relevant work experience while fostering a caring intercultural environment for both workers and residents in a residential health facility

  35. Berlin, Germany

    What the Volk?! The NICeR Project

    Using the language of theatre to explore ideas about identity and culture with refugee youth and their peers

  1. Leicester, United Kingdom

    Diwali in the West Midlands

    A pro-active approach to fostering good relations between the city's various cultural and religious communities builds a 'community of communities' where everyone can feel at home

  2. Montreal, Canada

    Montreal: Sports hijab helps girls make the team

    Local designer develops a sports hijab to keep Muslim girls and women on the playing field

  3. Berlin, Germany

    Multaqa: Museums Welcome Refugees

    Refugee guides and cultural interpreters in Berlin museums create new spaces for connection and integration

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