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  1. Boston, United States

    A Million Dollar Question: Youth Lead the Change

    The city's participatory budgeting program invites young adults to share their ideas for building a better city through capital investments in local  neighbourhoods and communities

  2. The Hague, Netherlands

    City Mondial: Looking Forward from the Past

    Using a multicultural history to support local business development and tourism strategies

  3. New York City, United States

    Competition THRIVE: Making the City Stronger

    A business plan competition to help immigrant entrepreneurs with small business ventures

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  5. Cleveland, United States

    Dream Neighbourhoods: City Innovation in Refugee Housing

    Community leaders, nonprofit groups and public officials weave refugee housing into plans for revitalizing derelict neighbourhoods.

  6. Singapore, Singapore

    Heritage and Modernity in Singapore’s Urban Renewal

    An urban renewal project revitalizes city neighbourhoods while reclaiming its multicultural past

  7. St. Louis, United States

    Mosaic's Ambassadors of Prosperity

    Promoting regional prosperity through immigration, innovation and community partnerships

  8. Turin, Italy

    Porta Palazzo and the Balon Flea Market

    Participatory planning leads to market success and integrated neighbourhoods

  9. Toronto, Canada

    Procurement Power

    Using purchasing power and supplier diversity to drive inclusive growth and urban prosperity

  10. Munich, Germany

    Reaching out to Migrant Entrepreneurs in Munich

    Recognizing the contribution of immigrant entrepreneurs helps promote small business success and build a network of business leaders.

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  12. Saint Paul, United States

    Revitalizing Neighbourhood Economies

    Empowering local entrepreneurs to transform lives and revitalize their own neighbourhoods

  13. Nhill, Australia

    Small Towns, Big Returns

    Refugee resettlement gives regional economy a boost while welcoming Karen families from Myanmar as valued and respected members of the community.

  14. Avilés, Spain

    Socially Responsible City

    Including social criteria in public recruitment procedures helps disadvantaged people access the labour market in Avilés

  15. Philadelphia, United States

    The Philadelphia Story: Economic Integration through Integrated Services

    Access to capital and business counselling promotes entrepreneurial success and helps revitalize city neighbourhoods

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  17. Toronto, Canada

    Tower Neighbourhood, Tower City

    Mixed-use zoning opens doors to new opportunities for community, connection and commerce in Toronto’s tower cities

  18. Wolverhampton, United Kingdom

    Wolverhampton India Project

    Immigrants and transnational networks give a city a strategic advantage in an ever more globalized world

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