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  1. Frankfurt, Germany

    "School For Mama and Me!"

    Opening doors to language learning at school for immigrant parents and children—together!

  2. Frankfurt, Germany

    A Scholarship for the Entire Family

    A scholarship for greater immigrant success at school becomes a passport into mainstream society for the whole family

  3. Wellington, New Zealand

    Bridging More than the Digital Divide

    Using social technology to reach and teach refugee and low income families.

  4. Toronto, Canada

    Empowering Youth to Empower Parents

    Newcomer youth teach newcomer adults English and computer skills

  5. Nuremberg, Germany

    From the Cradle to the Classroom

    Preparing the next generation for future success is a major goal of Nuremberg's vision for the city

  6. Munich, Germany

    Giving Young Refugees a Shot at Success

    A learner-centred approach gives young refugees opportunities for education and integration

  7. Toronto, Canada

    Integration Through Education: Toronto’s Second Generation Makes the Grade

    Global recognition for equal opportunities in education and successful academic outcomes for all kids

  8. Auckland, New Zealand

    Language and Learning at Play

    Multicultural playgroup program helps mothers and their children feel at home and get 'school-ready'

  9. Cardiff, Wales

    Language from the Law: The Cardiff E.S.O.L. Police Project

    Police build trust through language and skill training programs delivered to new immigrants

  10. New York City, United States

    Language-Wise in the Global Classroom

    An innovative urban high school invites immigrant youth back to the classroom to learn from one another

  11. Toronto, Canada

    Making Their Mark: Unlocking Educational Opportunity for Young Refugees

    Creating educational opportunity takes more than funding

  12. Neukölln, Germany

    Neighbourhood Mothers Leading the Way in Neukölln

    Immigrant women are trained as mentors and agents of integration to help new immigrant families in local communities.

  13. New Haven, United States

    New Haven Promise

    Developing ‘college-going ambition’ within the city's public schools through scholarships to state colleges and universities

  14. Wiesbaden, Germany

    Private Prayer in Public School

    A new curriculum for the instruction of Islam in primary school creates a more inclusive and equitable educational experience for German families with a Muslim background

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  16. Saint-Denis, France

    Projet Proxité: Professional Mentoring for Youth

    Mentoring disadvantaged youth provides tailor-made support and a path to employability

  17. Zurich, Switzerland

    Putting Quality into Multi-Ethnic Schools (QUIMS)

    A program for quality assurance in multi-ethnic schools builds academic success and cohesive communities

  18. Barcelona, Spain

    Reaching for the Stars: VIPs go to School

    Local heroes reward students for good ideas about immigrant integration in schools

  19. Marseille, France

    Second Chance School

    Connecting employers and vocational training to educational opportunity re-connects school dropouts to future prosperity

  20. Erfurt, Germany

    Strangers Become Friends

    Building a welcoming community by connecting international students and local residents

  21. Toronto, Canada

    Taking Teachers on Community and Faith Walks

    Inner-city teachers get to know the community by going outside the school

  22. Wuppertal, Germany

    Taking a National Language and Integration Class Local

    Language training and employment services open doors to work, school and the everyday business of daily life

  23. Malmö, Sweden

    Taking the Swedish National Diversity Plan to School

    Exemplary implementation of the National Diversity Plan in Sweden - Integration through education

  24. Madrid, Spain

    Timing, Tempo and Beat: Youth and Community

    Promoting youth engagement through shared decision-making

  25. Singapore, Singapore

    Tuition Programs for International Students

    A government plan helps international students with the high costs of technical and university education in exchange for global talent

  26. Bremen, Germany

    You Are the Key: Your Future,Your City

    A recruitment campaign to bring diversity to a city’s recruitment practice

  1. Cologne, Germany

    Refugee 'Sprachraum': Meet, Greet, Learn

    A library provides social and educational space for the city’s refugees, for learning, connection and community engagement

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