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  1. Toronto, Canada

    ALiGN: Matching Refugee Job Seekers to Jobs

    A unique data-matching technology creates fit-based matches between refugee job seekers and in-demand occupations.

  2. Celle, Germany

    Anonymous Job Applications Help Overcome Hiring Biases

    Both employer and applicant win when using an anonymous job application process

  3. Montreal, Canada

    BDC Internships: Breaking Down the Barriers to Refugee Employment

    Connecting refugees to jobs means tapping new skills, talent and business opportunities

  4. London, United Kingdom

    Banking on Success: Diversity at Lloyds TSB

    Local recruitment is rewarded by customer satisfaction and increased profits

  5. Bologna (Emilia Romagna), Italy

    Better Business: Integrating the Chinese Business Community Into the Mainstream

    Helping ethnic businesses conform to legal and regulatory practice results in better social and economic integration

  6. Toronto, Canada

    Bridging Refugee Talent and Opportunity

    A start-up bridges the gap between refugee arrival and employment by shifting talent and career development to the front-end of refugee resettlement.

  7. London, United Kingdom

    Building New Working Lives

    Building bridges between refugee professionals and employers

  8. Toronto, Canada

    Building Professional and Occupational Networks: The Mentoring Partnership

    Connecting skilled immigrants with their employed counterparts for greater occupational and social capital

  9. Toronto, Canada

    COSTI Syrian Refugee Professional Internship Program

    Paid internships for refugees, combined with orientation and employment services, build confidence and provide the “Canadian work experience” that many employers require

  10. Calgary, Canada

    Calgary’s Employment Forums Go Face-to-Face

    Bringing the city's hiring managers face-to-face with immigrant job-seekers

  11. Toronto, Canada

    Career Bridge Internships a Win-Win for St. Michael’s Hospital

    Structured internship program allows hospital to assess skilled immigrants for permanent jobs

  12. Saint-Denis, France

    Closing the Opportunity Gap for Immigrant Youth

    Closing the opportunity gap between talented youth and employers through recruitment services and corporate diversity training

  13. Guelph, Canada

    Corporate Citizen, Employer, Refugee Champion

    A local business leader welcomes refugees with jobs, housing and a call to action: hiring refugees is an opportunity for everyone

  14. London, Canada

    Creating Language Empathy in Corporate Canada

    A communications game challenges management trainees to develop the cultural competencies required for managing a diverse workforce

  15. Munich, Germany

    Culturally-Competent Workforce for the Elderly

    Managing an eldercare facility with a culturally diverse workforce poses challenges: how can workplace processes be shaped to effectively integrate cross-cultural issues?

  16. Toronto, Canada

    Eliminating Barriers for Displaced Individuals

    Credential assessment for immigrants displaced by political unrest, conflict, and natural disasters when verifiable documents are not available

  17. New York City, United States

    Emma’s Torch: Creating Culinary Space for Refugees Dreams

    Harnessing the power of the culinary industry to help refugees find jobs and build new lives with a twelve-week, paid apprenticeship program

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  19. Stockholm, Schweden

    Entry Hub – because integration is local

    For job-seeking refugees, connecting one-to-one and in-person can be the key to their success. And it works for employers, too.

  20. Wuppertal, Germany

    From Asylum to Employment: The Wuppertal Partizipation Network

    A multi-sector job readiness initiative that helps asylum seekers access the labour market

  21. Leamington, Canada

    From Survival Jobs to Rich Harvest

    Industry leaders in the agricultural sector discover investing in newcomers is the best recipe for a rich harvest, stable workforce and the longterm health and well-being of the community

  22. York, Canada

    Getting Credit for Credentials

    A foreign credential process guide recognizes merit and ensures consistency in public service hiring practices for both Canadian and internationally trained candidates

  23. Satriano, Italy

    In Italy, a struggling town looks to refugees for revival

    Where welcoming refugees is an opportunity to re-populate a small town, it creates "a virtuous cycle"

  24. Brandon, Canada

    Industry Leaders Connect to Recruit Newcomers

    Recruitment and onboarding supports in the meatpacking industry help temporary foreign workers find long-term employment and a welcoming home in small town Manitoba

  25. Augsburg, Germany

    Integration begins at work

    Learning to recognize immigrant skills and qualifications

  26. Montreal, Canada

    Internships, 'Canadian’ Experience and Employment

    Program helps newcomers integrate into the city’s workforce through on-the-job training, mentoring and coaching

  27. New York City, United States

    Interviewing the Up and Coming at Upwardly Global

    Diversity training is a two-way street

  28. Wolfsburg, Germany

    Jobs, SMEs and Refugees at Volkswagen

    A multisector collaboration led by Volkswagen connects refugees to employment through local SMEs

  29. Toronto, Canada

    Looking Ahead: the TPS Recruiting and Hiring Strategy

    Delivering police services in partnership with the city’s diverse communities keeps Toronto safe

  30. Halifax, Canada

    Making Connections

    Business needs talent. Talent needs opportunity. A networking program completes the equation.

  31. Berlin, Germany


    A smart matching system connects qualified refugees to socially responsible employers and jobs where they fit.

  32. Bolton, United Kingdom

    More than Bricks and Mortar: Employability and Housing in Refugee Communities

    Building refugee integration through housing work placements

  33. Richmond Hill, Canada

    Mother Tongue Language Training On the Job

    A trade union in the construction industry offers language training and certification in the native languages of new members – including Arabic-speaking refugees

  34. Gothenburg, Sweden

    My Brilliant Career

    An entrepreneurial social venture connects talented young immigrant women to employment opportunity.

  35. Gütersloh, Germany

    MySkills to Job Skills: Competence Cards for Occupational Assessment

    Using visual cards, a competence-based tool for skills assessment is designed with, not just for immigrants

  36. Lisbon, Portugal

    No more Doctors as Stone Masons! Recognition of the Qualifications of Immigrant Doctors and Nurses

    Solving the doctor shortage by helping immigrant health professionals re-enter their fields

  37. Madrid, Spain

    On the Front Lines of Integration

    Creating confidence in community policing through consultation and local recruitment

  38. Frankfurt, Germany

    One Samson, One World

    An industry leader paves the way to vocational training and employment for refugee youth

  39. Toronto, Canada

    PINs: Professional Immigrant Networks

    Professional networks help immigrants help themselves: Networking the networks builds connections and new opportunities for immigrant employment

  40. Sydney, Australia

    Project Ahlan: From Chef to Champion of Refugee Talent

    Employers in the hospitality sector welcome Syrian newcomers with training and job opportunities

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  42. Saint-Denis, France

    Projet Proxité: Professional Mentoring for Youth

    Mentoring disadvantaged youth provides tailor-made support and a path to employability

  43. Saskatoon, Canada

    Reflecting the City: Employment Equity at Work

    Building a workforce that is representative of a newly diverse population through community outreach, partnerships and pre-employment coaching

  44. Marseille, France

    Second Chance School

    Connecting employers and vocational training to educational opportunity re-connects school dropouts to future prosperity

  45. Cremona, Italy

    Sikh Formaggio

    Immigrants from India’s Punjab region are helping preserve a slice of Italian culture while making an invaluable contribution to the economy

  46. Nhill, Australia

    Small Towns, Big Returns

    Refugee resettlement gives regional economy a boost while welcoming Karen families from Myanmar as valued and respected members of the community.

  47. Toronto, Canada

    Starbucks and the First One Thousand

    In partnership with various levels of government and local social agencies, a pledge to employ 1,000 refugees

  48. Montreal, Canada

    The World On Our Doorstep: Short Term Mentoring Opens Doors To Employment

    The business case for mentoring helps both employers and skilled immigrants meet their bottom line

  49. Erlangen, Germany

    Triple Win: Tapping Refugee Talent

    In partnership with the city, an engineering multinational pilots a training program for asylum seekers as part of a campaign to counter misconceptions about refugees.

  50. Hamburg, Germany

    We are Hamburg! Won’t you join us?

    An innovative marketing campaign recruits diversity into local government while promoting inclusion across the city.

  51. San Francisco, United States

    Welcome Back to a Healthier Community

    Training and support to link culturally diverse health care professionals to employment and healthier communities.

  52. Copenhagen, Denmark

    Women at Work: the KVINFO Mentor Network

    Mentoring that takes the "other" out of the picture

  53. Bremen, Germany

    You Are the Key: Your Future,Your City

    A youth recruitment campaign to bring diversity to a city’s public services

  54. Cologne, Germany

    Youth Employment Drives Diversity Goals

    Business case for diversity targets vocational training and job opportunities for young people in local government

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