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  1. Montreal, Canada

    BDC Internships: Breaking Down the Barriers to Refugee Employment

    Connecting refugees to jobs means tapping new skills, talent and business opportunities

  2. Barcelona, Spain

    Barcelona: ODAME, School of Entrepreneurship for Women

    Creating equal opportunities for women to start small businesses

  3. Toronto, Canada

    Business Law for Immigrant Entrepreneurs

    Improving business outcomes by connecting immigrant entrepreneurs to pro bono legal services.

  4. New York City, United States

    Competition THRIVE: Making the City Stronger

    A business plan competition to help immigrant entrepreneurs with small business ventures

  5. Boston, United States

    From Boston’s Back Streets to Mainstream Success

    Immigrant-owned businesses are fueling urban economies

  6. Auckland, New Zealand

    Helping Immigrants Become Kiwi Entrepreneurs

    Connecting immigrants and aspiring entrepreneurs to community networks, employment and business opportunity

  7. Helsinki, Finland

    Helsinki: Business Counseling for Entrepreneurial Success

    A business-counseling service helps new entrepreneurs launch their ideas with confidence

  8. Helsinki, Finland

    Immigrant Businesses get a Helping Hand

    Supporting immigrant entrepreneurs before problems arise.

  9. Barcelona, Spain

    Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Immigrants

    What's good for business is good for new immigrants and entrepreneurs

  10. Frankfurt, Germany

    Integrating Refugees 'Stitch By Stitch'

    Award winning entrepreneurs and social innovators produce garments for German fashion labels while giving refugee women a chance to work

  11. Wolfsburg, Germany

    Jobs, SMEs and Refugees at Volkswagen

    A multisector collaboration led by Volkswagen connects refugees to employment through local SMEs

  12. Stockholm, Schweden

    Nurturing immigrant entrepreneurs in Sweden

    Partnering to help immigrant entrepreneurs access training, business advice and opportunities for success

  13. Toronto, Canada

    PINs: Professional Immigrant Networks

    Professional networks help immigrants help themselves: Networking the networks builds connections and new opportunities for immigrant employment

  14. Philadelphia, United States

    PhillyiHub: Welcoming Economy Innovations

    Incubation space for immigrant entrepreneurs fuels innovation.

  15. Turin, Italy

    Porta Palazzo and the Balon Flea Market

    Participatory planning leads to market success and integrated neighbourhoods

  16. Toronto, Canada

    Procurement Power

    Using purchasing power and supplier diversity to drive inclusive growth and urban prosperity

  17. Munich, Germany

    Reaching out to Migrant Entrepreneurs in Munich

    Recognizing the contribution of immigrant entrepreneurs helps promote small business success and build a network of business leaders.

  18. Aachen, Germany

    Relying on Immigrant Networks: Business Network Aachen

    The city establishes local immigrant network to develop international economic opportunities

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  20. Saint Paul, United States

    Revitalizing Neighbourhood Economies

    Empowering local entrepreneurs to transform lives and revitalize their own neighbourhoods

  21. Avilés, Spain

    Socially Responsible City

    Including social criteria in public recruitment procedures helps disadvantaged people access the labour market in Avilés

  22. Vienna , Austria

    Talking Business in your Mother Tongue

    One stop shop for immigrant entrepreneurs offers business counselling in many languages.

  23. Philadelphia, United States

    The Philadelphia Story: Economic Integration through Integrated Services

    Access to capital and business counselling promotes entrepreneurial success and helps revitalize city neighbourhoods

  24. Toronto, Canada

    The World in Ten Blocks

    An interactive documentary provides a unique window into the lives of immigrant entrepreneurs in one of the most diverse neighbourhoods, in the most diverse city in the world.

  25. Vancouver, Canada

    To Bean or Not To Bean?

    By "giving back" Immigrant entrepreneurs create opportunity for others

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