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  1. Bristol, United Kingdom


    Changing perceptions of refugees amongst the public, landlords and employers

  2. Montreal, Canada

    A Charter of Rights for Urban Citizens

    A Charter of Rights and Responsibilities comes to Montréal

  3. Toronto, Canada

    A Rising Phoenix in St. James Town

    Public arts build social bonds

  4. Toronto, Canada

    Access Without Fear: Building a City of Sanctuary

    Providing access to city services to non-status or undocumented immigrants reduces fear of deportation while contributing to wider community safety and well-being.

  5. Sheffield, United Kingdom

    Accommodate Sheffield - Better Together

    Linking refugee housing and community mental health support services

  6. Paris, France

    All Parisians, All Citizens

    City government establishes a council of non-citizens to ensure the voice of all residents is represented at the decision table

  7. Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Amsterdam To Toronto: Top Points for Police

    Senior police officers develop intercultural competencies through peer-to-peer city learning exchange

  8. Wuppertal, Germany

    Ankommen in Deutschland: Cities of Arrival

    A multi-stakeholder community planning approach to refugee integration helps develop shared goals and a common understanding of the situation facing both refugees and cities themselves

  9. Antwerp, Belgium

    Antwerp: Weaving Newcomers into the Local Marketplace

    A refugee employment program revitalizes ancient textile arts while incubating small business success

  10. Anchorage, Alaska

    Arctic Welcome for the Multicultural City

    A remote, northern city builds on its diverse traditions and values of collaboration, kindness and kinship to embrace its future as a welcoming, inclusive community

  11. London, United Kingdom

    Banking on Success: Diversity at Lloyds TSB

    Local recruitment is rewarded by customer satisfaction and increased profits

  12. Utrecht, The Netherlands

    Bed, Bath and Bread

    A human rights approach to public services protects the homeless and helps build safe, inclusive cities

  13. Berlin, Germany

    Berlin: Testing Diversity in City Councils

    Do our democratic institutions reflect the increasing diversity of our society?

  14. Singapore, Singapore

    Beyond the Border, Behind the Men

    Using the arts to change attitudes towards low-paid temporary workers

  15. Peel Region, Canada

    BollywoodMonster MashUp

    Building a welcoming city through the arts means building opportunities for diverse artists and artistic expression in the creative economy

  16. Auckland, New Zealand

    Bookshelves and Bollywood: Delivering on Diversity

    Library services reflect the city’s growing diversity and tomorrow’s information needs

  17. Wellington, New Zealand

    Bridging More than the Digital Divide

    Using social technology to reach and teach refugee and low income families.

  18. Wellington, New Zealand

    Bringing Maori Culture to Newcomers: The Wellington Regional Settlement Strategy

    A collaborative approach to connect newcomers with Maori, the people of the land

  19. Munich, Germany

    Buntkicktgut! Integration Through Sports

    Sport breaks through language and cultural barriers

  20. Toronto, Canada

    CIMA Mayor's School Cricket Tournament

    Cricket as a vehicle for team building, cross-cultural communication and leadership development.

  21. Barcelona, Spain

    COMRàdio: Syndication model delivers the village square

    Immigrant integration that comes through the airwaves

  22. Wheaton, United States

    Charting a Path to Citizenship

    Community college helps prepare new Americans for citizenship through learning opportunities outside the classroom

  23. Sheffield, United Kingdom

    Cities of Sanctuary, Communities of Welcome

    An official city policy to welcome those in need builds a community supportive of refugees and new immigrants.

  24. Toronto, Canada

    Citizens For Citizenship

    Citizenship ceremonies bring communities together in celebration.

  25. Sydney, Australia

    Common Ground: One Space, Many Cultures

    Shared meeting space creates cohesion within a multi-ethnic community

  26. Fremont, United States

    Community Ambassadors for Seniors

    Reaching out to seniors in their own cultural and faith communities

  27. Christchurch, New Zealand

    Community First: Christchurch’s Emergency Response

    Cultural outreach and community engagement helps police and social services be prepared to help newcomers during crisis

  28. Singapore, Singapore

    Cook and Share a Pot of Curry Day

    Helping newcomers integrate through a celebration of food,  local culture and good neighbours

  29. Guelph, Canada

    Corporate Citizen, Employer, Refugee Champion

    A local business leader welcomes refugees with jobs, housing and a call to action: hiring refugees is an opportunity for everyone

  30. Dublin, Ireland

    Count Us In!

    A campaign to remind political parties that Irish citizens are diverse and ready to vote and be counted.

  31. London, Canada

    Creating Language Empathy in Corporate Canada

    A communications game challenges management trainees to develop the cultural competencies required for managing a diverse workforce

  32. Fishguard (Wales), United Kingdom

    Croeso Abergwaun, Welcome Fishguard

    A global refugee sponsorship initiative finds a home in Wales

  33. Munich, Germany

    Culturally-Competent Workforce for the Elderly

    Managing an eldercare facility with a culturally diverse workforce poses challenges: how can workplace processes be shaped to effectively integrate cross-cultural issues?

  34. London, United Kingdom

    Dealing With Diabetes: The Maslaha Project

    Promoting health to religious communities with culturally sensitive resources and tools

  35. Melbourne, Australia

    Delicious! Celebrating Culture through Food

    Using food to celebrate cultural diversity in Australian workplaces

  36. Toronto, Canada

    Diaspora Dialogues: Writing the New City

    Developing audience, voice and a meaningful reflection of the city through its culturally diverse writers.

  37. Mannheim, Germany

    Diversity Day: Today and Every Day in Mannheim

    City leadership takes a corporate-led diversity charter to the streets

  38. Frankfurt, Germany

    Diversity Moves Frankfurt

    Hitting the virtual highway for a public consultation on integration

  39. Valongo, Portugal

    Do not Judge a Book by its Cover

    A living library uses life stories to engage young people and break down prejudice and stereotypes about diversity

  40. Berlin, Germany

    Dolls and Diversity: Fighting Prejudice with Empathy

    The Kinderwelten program uses story-telling and role-playing to help even the youngest children adapt positively to diversity.

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  42. Cleveland, United States

    Dream Neighbourhoods: City Innovation in Refugee Housing

    Community leaders, nonprofit groups and public officials weave refugee housing into plans for revitalizing derelict neighbourhoods.

  43. London, United Kingdom

    East London: Digging in for Community

    Community gardening provides opportunities for older immigrant women to socialize while greening the neighbourhood

  44. Toronto, Canada

    Empowering Youth to Empower Parents

    Newcomer youth teach newcomer adults English and computer skills

  45. New York City, United States

    Engaging Newcomers in City Parks

    A city strategy to ensure its park system is welcoming and responsive to the needs and preferences of its newest residents

  46. Copenhagen, Denmark

    Engaging in Copenhagen

    Taking a diversity charter to the business community

  47. Sydney, Australia

    Ethnic Communities Sustainable Living Project

    Taking a diversity approach to environmental issues in New South Wales, Australia

  48. Leicester, United Kingdom

    Everyday Policing for Equality

    Building equality and diversity into everyday policing

  49. Barcelona, Spain

    Fighting Fiction with Facts: the BCN Anti-Rumour Campaign

    City Council enlists community agents to dispel myths about immigrants and fight discrimination with facts and good humour

  50. Marseille, France

    From Hope to Fraternity: Marseille Espérance

    Mayoral leadership brings together religious communities to create a forum for dialogue and community mediation

  51. Barcelona, Spain

    From Neighbours to Citizens: the Barcelona Interculturality Plan

    A roadmap to the intercultural city based on common values, civic participation and everyday interactions.

  52. Madrid, Spain

    From Public Space to Common Ground

    A public space revitalization program is designed to bring intercultural communities together

  53. London, United Kingdom

    Future-Proofing the Library: The Idea Store

    An aging library system’s dramatic re-invention delivers better service for its community today—and into the future

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  55. Göttingen, Germany

    Gardens of Intercultural Delight

    A community garden seeds friendship, connection and intercultural understanding as it helps new immigrant families take root.

  56. Fort Wayne, United States

    Gateway to Little Burma

    New gateway cities make newcomer communities count -and be counted.

  57. London, United Kingdom

    Get Refugees Cycling!

    A London project helps refugees make connections by acquiring abandoned or discarded bikes, making them roadworthy and donating them to refugees

  58. Greenwich, United Kingdom

    Giving Equality a Sporting Chance in Greenwich

    Using sport, art and new social media to build strong, active and inclusive communities

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  60. Berlin, Germany

    Hayat means Life

    A localized, alternative approach to de-radicalization that focuses on family bonds over police intervention.

  61. Singapore, Singapore

    Heritage and Modernity in Singapore’s Urban Renewal

    An urban renewal project revitalizes city neighbourhoods while reclaiming its multicultural past

  62. Calgary, Canada

    Hockey Night In Canada - In Punjabi!

    Multilingual sports commentary brings hockey fans together

    The show that keeps getting cancelled gets another reprieve! Multilingual sports commentary brings hockey fans together

  63. Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Housing Starts Here

    In this Amsterdam housing project, Dutch youth and refugees live together — and run the place

  64. Satriano, Italy

    In Italy, a struggling town looks to refugees for revival

    Where welcoming refugees is an opportunity to re-populate a small town, it creates "a virtuous cycle"

  65. Frankfurt, Germany

    Integrating Refugees 'Stitch By Stitch'

    Award winning entrepreneurs and social innovators produce garments for German fashion labels while giving refugee women a chance to work

  66. Copenhagen, Denmark

    Integration in Action

    Promoting core city values like bicycling helps integrate newcomers into the mainstream

  67. Auckland, New Zealand

    It Starts with Soccer

    The universal language of sport reduces the isolation of young refugees while fostering a sense of connection and belonging.

  68. Melbourne, Australia

    Kangaroos, Football and the Local Community

    An Aussie-rules Football team rebuilds by bringing the community with them.

  69. Barcelona, Spain

    Karakia: Cooking Up Inclusion

    Television that promotes cultural understanding by bringing regional cuisine and real people together for dinner

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  71. Toronto, Canada

    Learning By Doing

    A university led refugee sponsorship program creates experiential learning opportunities for students, volunteers and new institutional partnerships across the city.

  72. Madrid, Spain

    Living Together in Madrid

    The city of Madrid updates its official plan for  'Living Together'' by building on the experience of its newest residents and neighbours

  73. London, United Kingdom

    London: Making Museums A Hub For Integration

  74. Hannover, Germany

    MIMI-With Migrants, For Migrants: Intercultural Health in Germany

    Promoting immigrant health by making migrants experts in their own causes.

  75. Boise, United States

    Making Friends and Sharing Dreams: International Summer Youth Program

    A summer program pairs students from the refugee community with native born peers to encourage new friendships and mutual understanding across cultures.

  76. Badalona, Spain

    Making Space for a Sikh Parade

    A cultural street procession creates a common space for good neighbours

  77. Toronto, Canada

    Making Their Mark: Unlocking Educational Opportunity for Young Refugees

    Creating educational opportunity takes more than funding

  78. London, United Kingdom

    Mapping Community Cohesion in Waltham Forest

    Community engagement is a council’s strategy to deliver social cohesion

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  80. Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Match

    Connecting civic boards and advisory committee with diverse candidates

  81. Blackburn with Darwen, United Kingdom

    Meet Your Neighbours

    Promoting interaction and understanding through inter-faith dialogue

  82. Toronto, Canada

    Mes Amis: The Clothing Drive

    A call to action for refugee clothing launches a store, an online community and a social movement

  83. Milan, Italy

    Milan Bus Stories

    Using public transportation networks to carry migration stories across the city

  84. Antwerp, Belgium

    Minding Minority Interests at City Hall

    A city council invites a federation of minority groups to improve community relations

  85. Jerusalem, Israel

    MiniActive: Local Women, Local Action

    Empowering local women and minority populations to become agents of community change

  86. St. Louis, United States

    Mosaic's Ambassadors of Prosperity

    Promoting regional prosperity through immigration, innovation and community partnerships

  87. London, United Kingdom

    Muslim Girls Fence

    Breaking down stereotypes about Muslim communities and empowering young women through the sport of fencing

  88. Toronto, Canada

    Naan in the Park: Re-imagining Public Space

    From reclaiming public space to opening up economic opportunities, a local women’s group re-imagines what their neighbourhood can and should be.

  89. Paris, France

    Narratives of Belonging

    Young people using film express identity and belonging.

  90. Neukölln, Germany

    Neighbourhood Mothers Leading the Way in Neukölln

    Immigrant women are trained as mentors and agents of integration to help new immigrant families in local communities.

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  92. Barcelona, Spain

    New Families, New City

    Helping immigrants meet the joys and challenges of family reunification

  93. New Haven, United States

    New Haven Promise

    Developing ‘college-going ambition’ within the city's public schools through scholarships to state colleges and universities

  94. Wellington, New Zealand

    New Zealand Police finds Engagement with Migrant Communities

    Handbook to religious diversity helps police improve relations with minority groups

  95. Rüsselsheim, Germany

    Older but not Overlooked

    Creating programs for older migrants through community consultation.

  96. San Gabriel City, United States

    On Your Mark, Get Set, Weibo!

    Using social media and cross-cultural ICT to connect across diverse communities

  97. Rheine, Germany

    Open Mosques against Prejudice

    Open doors help build open communities.

  98. Dortmund, Germany

    Participation, Politics and Impact

    Putting a face on the political process and initiating dialogue leads to increased political participation

  99. Oldham, United Kingdom

    Peacemaker: All People, All Communities

    Empowering youth to over come racial self-segregation in their own communities

  100. Montreal, Canada

    Play It Fair!

    Using a human rights approach to teach children about equality and respect for diversity

  101. Turin, Italy

    Porta Palazzo and the Balon Flea Market

    Participatory planning leads to market success and integrated neighbourhoods

  102. Wiesbaden, Germany

    Private Prayer in Public School

    A new curriculum for the instruction of Islam in primary school creates a more inclusive and equitable educational experience for German families with a Muslim background

  103. Edmonton, Canada

    Racism Free Edmonton

    A municipal commitment to end racism creates space for a community conversation about race, diversity and inclusion

  104. Stuttgart, Germany

    Refugee Dialogues

    Dialogues and friendship circles help the host community appreciate the 'human face' of refugees and their experiences, through their own stories

  105. Aachen, Germany

    Relying on Immigrant Networks: Business Network Aachen

    The city establishes local immigrant network to develop international economic opportunities

  106. Kungälv, Sweden

    Rooting Out Intolerance: the Kungälv Model

    A project that reduces racism and intolerant attitudes among young people while saving the municipality millions.

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  108. Paris, France

    SINGA: Connecting Community, New and Old

    What if we saw refugees as part of the solution to strengthening our communities?

  109. Valladolid, Spain

    Semana Intercultural: Valladolid’s Week of Sharing Ideas and Cultures

    A cultural festival raises awareness and strengthens intercultural co-existence while promoting civic engagement through a collaborative planning process.

  110. Nashville, United States

    Shelbyville’s Ambassadors of Welcome

    Community ambassadors use traditional American values of hospitality to improve perceptions of immigration

  111. Cremona, Italy

    Sikh Formaggio

    Immigrants from India’s Punjab region are helping preserve a slice of Italian culture while making an invaluable contribution to the economy

  112. Nhill, Australia

    Small Towns, Big Returns

    Refugee resettlement gives regional economy a boost while welcoming Karen families from Myanmar as valued and respected members of the community.

  113. Hume City, Australia

    Social Justice Charter and Citizen’s Bill of Rights

    A city charter that promises equality and human rights for all city residents

  114. Erfurt, Germany

    Strangers Become Friends

    Building a welcoming community by connecting international students and local residents

  115. Toronto, Canada

    Sultans of Science

    Inclusive institutional programming showcases Islam's historical contribution to modern science and helps shift cultural stereotypes

  116. Hong Kong, China

    Sunday in the Park

    Domestic workers find room for recreation and leisure in the city’s public spaces

  117. Stockholm, Schweden

    Swedish With Your Baby

    New parents from diverse backgrounds use conversation circles to learn about one another, develop common bonds and create a Sweden for all

  118. Toronto, Canada

    Taking Teachers on Community and Faith Walks

    Inner-city teachers get to know the community by going outside the school

  119. London, United Kingdom

    Team London and the Mayor's Mentoring Scheme

    Building city-wide voluntary networks to improve social problems

  120. Dudley, United Kingdom

    The 5 Estates Project: Bringing Diverse Communities Together

    Residents on local housing estates come together as one community

  121. Botkyrka, Sweden

    The Dilemma Workshop

    Living and working together in the intercultural city means challenging discrimination and implicit bias one person at a time

  122. Amadora, Portugal

    The Generation Project: Community Partnerships for Youth

    Creative communities meet the needs of youth with investments in human capital

  123. Paris, France

    The Key To France: Not All Roads Lead to Paris

    Housing and employment opportunities help refugees discover new destinations across the nation's urban landscape

  124. London, United Kingdom

    The London Living Wage Campaign

    City of London signs on to successful community campaign to improve city wages and monitor employment practices

  125. Duisburg, Germany

    The Miracle of Marxloh: Bringing A Community Together Around A New Mosque

    Participatory planning means social inclusion for all residents and cause for celebration for the community at large

  126. Madrid, Spain

    The Open Library Welcomes the World at Home

    Multilingual services and bilingual intercultural mediators create inclusive public space and a sense of welcome for new communities

  127. Hatfield (Hertfordshire), United Kingdom

    The Polish Forum and the Fire Station

    An immigrant community promotes civic engagement and community partnerships with local government and agencies

  128. Vancouver, Canada

    The Vancouver Dialogues Project: Where the Gold Mountain Meets Turtle Island

    Increasing intercultural understanding and connection between Aboriginal and immigrant communities

  129. Toronto, Canada

    The World in Ten Blocks

    An interactive documentary provides a unique window into the lives of immigrant entrepreneurs in one of the most diverse neighbourhoods, in the most diverse city in the world.

  130. Ghent, Belgium

    The Youth Ambassador Project

    Young people with a migrant background share their stories about their paths to success and the challenges they have overcome

  131. Torre Pacheco, Spain

    Thinking Big: A Film Festival Highlights Small Town Diversity

    Combining culture and education to promote intercultural dialogue

  132. London, United Kingdom

    Time Together: Mentoring for Daily Life

    Matching ordinary citizens to ordinary acts promotes refugee integration through friendship

  133. Madrid, Spain

    Timing, Tempo and Beat: Youth and Community

    Promoting youth engagement through shared decision-making

  134. Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

    Together in the same direction

    A network of community groups and associations builds trust and confidence in the city’s integration agenda

  135. San Francisco, United States

    Traffic! Advocating for Environmental Health

    Going beyond the "usual" immigrant issues to empower a community to seek change

  136. Dublin, Ireland

    Transport Links, Racism Divides

    An anti-racism campaign focuses on public transportation and includes staff training and improved reporting systems

  137. Turin, Italy

    Turin: Bibliomigra brings the library to the people

    A mobile lending library brings its multilingual collections to the streets and heart of the city

  138. New Haven, United States

    Urban Citizens: Municipal Identification Cards (ID) For Inclusive And Safe Communities

    Proactive city government takes the lead nationally on recognizing the interests of all city residents

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  140. Rotterdam, Netherlands

    Urban Citizenship and Identity

    "Integration is a concept from the past. "Contribution" is the concept of the future." - Dr. Tariq Ramadan

  141. Hamburg, Germany

    We are Hamburg! Won’t you join us?

    An innovative marketing campaign recruits diversity into local government while promoting inclusion across the city.

  142. Athens, Greece

    Welcome to City Plaza, Athens

    A refugee accommodation project in a disused seven-storey hotel helps build new lives by fostering a culture of community participation based on diversity and mutual respect

  143. Richmond Hill, Canada

    Welcoming Diverse Leadership

    A growing municipality takes steps to improve minority representation on civic boards

  144. Berlin, Germany

    What the Volk?! The NICeR Project

    Using the language of theatre to explore ideas about identity and culture with refugee youth and their peers

  145. Berlin, Germany

    When My Home Becomes Our Home

    When residents share their living spaces with refugees they learn about a different culture, becoming 'ambassadors for inclusion' in their own communities.

  146. Berlin, Germany

    Wired for Language Learning

    Embedding diversity into the design of a web app makes language learning easy and lowers barriers for human connection by putting a premium on conversational exchange

  147. Wolverhampton, United Kingdom

    Wolverhampton India Project

    Immigrants and transnational networks give a city a strategic advantage in an ever more globalized world

  148. Copenhagen, Denmark

    Women at Work: the KVINFO Mentor Network

    Mentoring that takes the "other" out of the picture

  1. Leicester, United Kingdom

    Diwali in the West Midlands

    A pro-active approach to fostering good relations between the city's various cultural and religious communities builds a 'community of communities' where everyone can feel at home

  2. Montreal, Canada

    Montreal: Sports hijab helps girls make the team

    Local designer develops a sports hijab to keep Muslim girls and women on the playing field

  3. Berlin, Germany

    Multaqa: Museums Welcome Refugees

    Refugee guides and cultural interpreters in Berlin museums create new spaces for connection and integration

  4. Cologne, Germany

    Refugee 'Sprachraum': Meet, Greet, Learn

    A library provides social and educational space for the city’s refugees, for learning, connection and community engagement

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