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  1. Oakland, United States

    A Soap Opera For Success: The Grand Cafe Telenovela

    Popular television media helps reach broader audiences to enrich second language learning

  2. Sheffield, United Kingdom

    Accommodate Sheffield - Better Together

    Linking refugee housing and community mental health support services

  3. Leicester, United Kingdom

    Asylum Dialogues

    Exploring human rights stories through theatre performance.

  4. Toronto, Canada

    Bridging Refugee Talent and Opportunity

    A start-up bridges the gap between refugee arrival and employment by shifting talent and career development to the front-end of refugee resettlement.

  5. London, United Kingdom

    Building New Working Lives

    Building bridges between refugee professionals and employers

  6. Munich, Germany

    Buntkicktgut! Integration Through Sports

    Sport breaks through language and cultural barriers

  7. Sheffield, United Kingdom

    Cities of Sanctuary, Communities of Welcome

    An official city policy to welcome those in need builds a community supportive of refugees and new immigrants.

  8. Guelph, Canada

    Corporate Citizen, Employer, Refugee Champion

    A local business leader welcomes refugees with jobs, housing and a call to action: hiring refugees is an opportunity for everyone

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  10. Cleveland, United Sates

    Dream Neighbourhoods: City Innovation in Refugee Housing

    Community leaders, nonprofit groups and public officials weaves refugee housing into plans for revitalizing derelict neighbourhoods.

  11. Wuppertal, Germany

    From Asylum to Employment: The Wuppertal Partizipation Network

    A multi-sector job readiness initiative that helps asylum seekers access the labour market

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  13. Göttingen, Germany

    Gardens of Intercultural Delight

    A community garden seeds friendship, connection and intercultural understanding as it helps new immigrant families take root.

  14. Fort Wayne, United States

    Gateway to Little Burma

    New gateway cities make newcomer communities count -and be counted.

  15. London, United Kingdom

    Get Refugees Cycling!

    A London project helps refugees make connections by acquiring abandoned or discarded bikes, making them roadworthy and donating them to refugees

  16. Munich, Germany

    Giving Young Refugees a Shot at Success

    A learner-centred approach gives young refugees opportunities for education and integration

  17. Frankfurt, Germany

    Integrating Refugees 'Stitch By Stitch'

    Award winning entrepreneurs and social innovators produce garments for German fashion labels while giving refugee women a chance to work

  18. Copenhagen, Denmark

    Integration in Action

    Promoting core city values like bicycling helps integrate newcomers into the mainstream

  19. Auckland, New Zealand

    It Starts with Soccer

    The universal language of sport reduces the isolation of young refugees while fostering a sense of connection and belonging.

  20. Cardiff, Wales

    Language from the Law: The Cardiff E.S.O.L. Police Project

    Police build trust through language and skill training programs delivered to new immigrants

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  22. Toronto, Canada

    Learning By Doing

    A university led refugee sponsorship program creates experiential learning opportunities for students, volunteers and new institutional partnerships across the city.

  23. Hannover, Germany

    MIMI-With Migrants, For Migrants: Intercultural Health in Germany

    Promoting immigrant health by making migrants experts in their own causes.

  24. Boston, United States

    MIRA: Media Advocacy With A Human Face

    Using personal stories to re-frame a communications campaign

  25. Boise, United States

    Making Friends and Sharing Dreams: International Summer Youth Program

    A summer program pairs students from the refugee community with native born peers to encourage new friendships and mutual understanding across cultures.

  26. Birmingham, United Kingdom

    Making Maternity Services Migrant-Friendly

    Mapping the health needs of migrant communities puts maternal health on the agenda

  27. Toronto, Canada

    Making Their Mark: Unlocking Educational Opportunity for Young Refugees

    Creating educational opportunity takes more than funding

  28. Bolton, United Kingdom

    More than Bricks and Mortar: Employability and Housing in Refugee Communities

    Building refugee integration through housing work placements

  29. Sydney, Australia

    Project Ahlan: From Chef to Champion of Refugee Talent

    Employers in the hospitality sector welcome Syrian newcomers with training and job opportunities

  30. Toronto, Canada

    Seeing is Believing

    A local initiative provides eye clinics for Syrian refugees and brings communities together for health and safety

  31. Nhill, Australia

    Small Towns, Big Returns

    Refugee resettlement gives regional economy a boost while welcoming Karen families from Myanmar as valued and respected members of the community.

  32. Auckland, New Zealand

    Swimming to Safety

    Meeting the needs of the Auckland region through water safety coordination and education

  33. Dudley, United Kingdom

    The 5 Estates Project: Bringing Diverse Communities Together

    Residents on local housing estates come together as one community

  34. Bristol, United Kingdom

    The Bristol Bike Project

    A bike repair project provides work, skill-building and wheels to some of the city's newest arrivals

  35. Paris, France

    The Key To France: Not All Roads Lead to Paris

    Housing and employment opportunities help refugees discover new destinations across the nation's urban landscape

  36. London, United Kingdom

    Time Together: Mentoring for Daily Life

    Matching ordinary citizens to ordinary acts promotes refugee integration through friendship

  37. Erlangen, Germany

    Triple Win: Tapping Refugee Talent

    In partnership with the city, an engineering multinational pilots a training program for asylum seekers as part of a campaign to counter misconceptions about refugees.

  38. Auckland, New Zealand

    Unlocking Auckland's Diversity

    Moving newcomer integration to the forefront of Auckland’s future

  1. Antwerp, Belgium

    Antwerp: Weaving Newcomers into the Local Marketplace

    A refugee employment program revitalizes ancient textile arts while incubating small business success

  2. Chicago, United States

    Chicago: Redrawing voting districts to favour minorities

    Voting legislation that responds to demographic change

  3. Hamburg, Germany

    Healthcare in a Box

    A shipping container is adapted to provide healthcare to a population in crisis,  refugees on the move

  4. Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Housing Starts Here

    In this Amsterdam housing project, Dutch youth and refugees live together — and run the place

  5. Satriano, Italy

    In Italy, a struggling town looks to refugees for revival

    Where welcoming refugees is an opportunity to re-populate a small town, it creates "a virtuous cycle"

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