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  1. Auckland, New Zealand

    Prayas: Indian theatre in English for all New Zealanders

    New cultures on stage brings audiences together in the communities they share.

  1. 'Citizenship is the way a country believes in itself': speech, The Hague, December 4, 2007 / Adrienne Clarkson

    Toronto : Institute for Canadian Citizenship, 2007

  2. 30/50: the technological Implications of an Australian population of 30 million by 2050

    Melbourne : Australian Academy of Technological Science and Engineering, 2007

  3. A Chance to Be Free: Tackling Modern Day Slavery: final report / Rachael Takens-Milne

    London : Trust for London, 2010

  4. A Pact for Integration: the Stuttgart experience

    Stuttgart : Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart der Oberbürgermeister, 2003

  5. A Taste of Harmony: celebrating diversity at work

    Melbourne : Scanlon Foundation, 2009

  6. A guide to European diversity

    Brussels : SALTO-Youth Resource Centres, 2005?

  7. A living wage for Toronto / by Hugh Mackenzie and Jim Stanford

    Toronto : Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, 2008

  8. ARDEN STREET REDEVELOPMENT PROJECT: Report of Community Consultations

    Melbourne : North Melbourne Football Club, Australian Multicultural Foundation, 2008

  9. About COMRàdio

    Barcelona : COMRàdio, 2011

  10. Access to housing: anti-discrimination toolkit: using international instruments to ensure the right to housing for everyone

    Brussels : FEANTSA, 2009

  11. Accommodate – better together: executive summary

    London : HACT, 2008

  12. Adjust your view: developing multicultural audiences for the arts / Fotis Kapetopoulos

    Strawberry Hills : Australia Council for the Arts, 2009

  13. Adjusting the Balance: Fixing Canada’s Economic Immigration Policies / Naomi Alboim

    Toronto : Maytree Foundation, 2009

  14. African resettlement in Australia: conference report, University of Melbourne, 11-13 April, 2007

    Melbourne : African Think Tank, 2007

  15. Aging Turkish migrants pose new tests for Germany

    New York : New York Times, March 2007

  16. Agreement for Quality Employment in Barcelona, 2008-2011

    Barcelona : Barcelona City Council, 2008

  17. Albany Park Theatre Project: Personal Statements

    Chicago : Albany Park Theater Project, 1997

  18. Angélica’s dreams: an immigrant family’s path to homeownership: a guide to buying a home

    Durham, NC : Latino Community Credit Union, 2008

  19. Arden Street Redevelopment Project: Report of Community Consultations / Eugene Arocca and Hass Dellal

    Melbourne : Australian Multicultural Foundation; North Melbourne Football Club, 2008

  20. Article from The Times: Migrant domestic workers

    London : The Times, January 21, 2010

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  21. Asylum matters: restoring trust in the UK asylum system: a report by the Asylum and Destitution Working Group / Chaired by Julian Prior

    London : Centre for Social Justice, 2008

  22. Auckland City settlement strategy

    Auckland : Auckland Council,

  23. Auckland Regional Settlement Strategy PHASE 1 Opportunities For Improving Settlement Outcomes


  24. Barcelona Activa: project description

    Barcelona : Barcelona Activa; EUKN, 2006

  25. Barcelona City Council: Working Plan on Integration, 2008-2011

    Barcelona : Barcelona City Council, 2008

  26. Be Water Safe: Chinese-English

    Auckland : WaterSafe Auckland,

  27. Becoming American: becoming New Yorkers: the second generation in a majority minority city / by Philip Kasinitz, John Mollenkopf, Mary C. Waters, Jennifer Holdaway

    Washington : Migration Policy Institute, 2006

  28. Belonging Project [films and website]

    London : Runnymede; Manifesta, 2008

  29. Belonging: Message to Policy Makers

    London : Runnymede; Manifesta, 2008

  30. Belonging: The Project

    Manifesta : Runnymede Trust, 2008

  31. Best small business practices

    Chino Hills, Calif. : United States Conference of Mayors, 2003

  32. Beyond Medical Interpretation: the role of Interpreter Cultural Mediators (ICMs) in building bridges between ethnic communities and health institutions: Selecting, training and supporting key outreach staff

    Seattle : Harborview Medical Center, 1998 rev

  33. Boston Back Streets program toolbox

    Boston : Boston Redevelopment Authority, 2008

  34. Boston Back Streets program toolbox [website]

    Boston : Boston Redevelopment Authority, 2008

  35. Bridge of trust: education: the first pillar: 'Citizenship, Identity and Sense of Belonging' project / Tariq Ramadan

    Rotterdam : Municipality of Rotterdam, Youth, Education and Society Dept., 2008

  36. Bringing employers into the immigration debate: survey and conference / Sandra Lopes and Yves Poisson

    Ottawa : Public Policy Forum, 2004

  37. British Airport Authority (BAA): business enterprises for sustainable travel: best practices

    New York : Conference Board Conference Board, 2000

  38. Building caring communities: the contributions of immigrant volunteers: a qualitative study into the experiences of immigrant volunteers at mainstream agencies / Stacy Ashton, Nancy Baker and Ali Parandeh

    Coquitlam BC : Community Volunteer Connections, 2006

  39. Burmese Refugees Find New Home in Indiana / Michael Puente

    Washington, DC : Nation Public Radio (US), 2007

  40. Business mentoring activities: literature review and inventory of business mentoring activities / Penny Handford

    Vancouver : Affiliation of Multicultural Societies and Service Agencies of BC Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), 2006

  41. CBC/Radio-Canada: Reflecting Canadian Cultural Diversity

    Toronto : CBC Radio-Canada, 2008

  42. California: HRSA State Heath Workforce Profile

    Rockville, Maryland : US Department of Health and Human Services, 2001

  43. Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Programme for the professional integration of immigrant doctors

    Lisbon : Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation,

  44. Cap sur le monde: pour une région métropolitaine de Montréal compétitive: sommaire

    Montréal : Communité métropolitaine de Montréal, 2005

  45. Capital Ideas: new ways to bring millions of Americans into the economic mainstream / Neil Carlson

    New York : Ford Foundation Ford Foundation, 2002

  46. Care and Immigration: migrant care workers in private households / Lourdes Gordolon and Mumtaz Lalani; in collaboration with Bridget Anderson

    London; Oxford : Kalayaan; COMPAS, 2001

  47. Carl Bertelsmann Prize 2008: interview with Lloyd McKell, Toronto District School BoardExecutive Officer "Student and Community Equity" [video]

    Toronto : Toronto District School Board Bertelsmann Stiftung|Toronto District School Board, 2008

  48. Case Study: The Gate (Turin, Italy) / Julianne Stern

    Washington : German Marshall Fund, 2009

  49. Case study on diversity policy in employment and service provision: Stuttgart, Germany / Doris Lüken-Klaße

    Dublin : European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions, 2008

  50. Challenging local communities to change Oldham: review of community cohesion in Oldham / Ted Cantle ... [et al.]

    Coventry : Institute of Community Cohesion, Coventry University, 2006

  51. Changing city spaces: new challenges to cultural policy in Europe: a state of the art report / by Ulrike Hanna Meinhof and Kevin Robins

    Southampton : University of Southampton, 2003

  52. Changing lives: a longitudinal study into the impact of Time Together Mentoring on refugee integration / Lea Esterhuizen and Tanya Murphy

    London : TimeBank, 2007

  53. Chinese older people : a need for social inclusion in two communities / Wai Kam Yu

    London : Joseph Rowntree Foundation, 2003

  54. Citizenship and identity: old concepts and new challenges / Tariq Ramadan

    Rotterdam : Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, 2007

  55. Citizenship is the Way a Country Believes in Itself / Institute for Canadian Citizenship

    Ottawa : CIC, 2007

  56. City Mondial

    : EUKN European Urban Knowledge Network, 2007

  57. City of Oslo: Intercultural Cities report / Irena Guidikova, Phil Wood and Oliver Freeman

    Paris : Council of Europe, 2010

  58. City of Oslo: Intercultural Profile

    Strasbourg : Council of Europe, 2008

  59. City of Stuttgart integration policy / Gari Pavkovic

    Stuttgart : Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart der Oberbürgermeister, 2005

  60. City of cyclists: Copenhagen bicycle life

    Copenhagen : City of Copenhagen, Technical and Environmental Administration, 2009

  61. Class struggles: public education and the new Canadian / by Andrew Duffy

    Toronto : Atkinson Foundation, 2003

  62. Community cohesion at the local level: addressing the needs of Muslim communities: examples of local initiatives

    Vienna : European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA), 2008

  63. Continuing the diversity journey: business practices, perspectives and benefits

    Luxembourg : European Communities, 2008

  64. Copenhagen, City of Cyclists: bicycle account

    Copenhagen : City of Copenhagen City of Copenhagen, 2006

  65. Counting on Success: An initial review of work to support Refugee Finance Professionals

    United Kingdom : Employability Forum, August 2009

  66. Creative Cities: breakthrough cities: how cities can mobilise creativity and knowledge to tackle compelling social challenges / Lauren Kahn, Rushanara Ali, Alessandra Buonfino, Charlie Leadbeater, Geoff Mulgan

    London : Young Foundation, British Council, 2009

  67. Cross-cultural interviewing: a training toolkit for human resources and hiring managers

    New York : Upwardly Global,

  68. Cultural diversity and ethnic media in BC / by Catherine Murray ... et al.

    Burnaby BC : Simon Fraser University Centre for Policy Studies on Culture and Communities, Simon Fraser University, 2007

  69. Cultural diversity in Britain: a toolkit for cross-cultural co-operation / Phil Wood, Charles Landry and Jude Bloomfield

    York, UK : Joseph Rowntree Foundation Joseph Rowntree Foundation, 2006

  70. Cycle Policy 2002-2012: City of Copenhagen

    Copenhagen : City of Copenhagen, 2002

  71. Demographie konkret: Handlungsansätze für die kommunale Praxis / Kerstin Schmidt, Denise Kammeier, Thiess Petersen

    Gütersloh : Bertelsmann Stiftung, 2005

  72. Denmark to Immigrants -- Let's Ride / by Josh ward

    : Der Spiegel, 2007

  73. Developing culturally diverse audiences. Case study: Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. / Gillian Rogers

    Strawberry Hills : Australia Council for the Arts; Melbourne Symphony, 2003

  74. DiverseCity Counts: A Snapshot of Diversity in the Greater Toronto Area / Wendy Cukier, Margaret Yap

    Toronto : Maytree; Toronto City Summit Alliance, 2009

  75. Diversity in Canada’s arts labour force: an analysis of 2001 census data

    Ottawa : Hill Strategies Research, 2005

  76. Diversity matters: an action plan for inclusion in public appointments / Leah Teitelbaum

    Toronto : Maytree Foundation Maytree Foundation, 2007

  77. Diversity matters: changing the face of public boards / Nancy Averill

    Toronto : Maytree Foundation Maytree Foundation, 2008

  78. Doctors on board : a survey of international medical doctors of Ontario, 2007 / by Faviola Fernandez

    Toronto : Association of International Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, 2008

  79. Duisburg, Marxloh: management and renewal of large housing estates: case study

    Saint-Denis La Plaine Cedex : HOUS-ES, URBACT, 2006

  80. Economic impact on the London and UK economy of an earned regularisation of irregular migrants to the UK: Summary Report / Ian Gordon, Kathleen Scanlon, Tony Travers and Christine Whitehead

    London : Greater London Authority, 2009

  81. Empowering Birmingham’s migrant and refugee community organisations / Jenny Phillimore, Lisa Goodson, Deborah Hennessy and Ergül Ergün

    London : Young Foundation, 2009

  82. English Health Train: English language skills for health care

    San Francisco : San Francisco Welcome Back Initiative, 2007

  83. Equality and diversity in jobs and services: good practice guide: resume

    Dublin : European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions Cities for Local Integration Policy Network (CLIP)|European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions, 2008

  84. Equitas: building a global culture of human rights [video]

    Montreal : Equitas – International Centre for Human Rights Education, 2007

  85. Ethnic minority employment through partnership: towards a model of good practice / by Graham Shaw

    Copenhagen : Copenhagen Centre Copenhagen Centre, 2002

  86. Europe's demographic future: growing imbalances / Iris Hossmann

    Berlin : Berlin Institute for Population and Development, 2008

  87. European Network Against Racism (ENAR) (website)

    Brussels : European Network Against Racism (ENAR) European Network Against Racism (ENAR), 2007

  88. Evaluating cross-community work in Holme Wood (Bradford): making connections / Andrew Orton

    London : Young Foundation, 2008

  89. Fair cities: employer-led efforts that produce results for ethnic minorities / Prepared by Jobs for the Future

    London : National Employment Panel, 2004

  90. Fairness for all: integration through education: Carl Bertelsmann Prize 2008

    G?tersloh, Germany : Bertelsmann Stiftung Bertelsmann Stiftung, 2008

  91. Faith-based ethnic residential communities and neighbourliness / Sandeep Kumar Agrawal and Mohammad Qadeer

    Toronto : CERIS, 2008

  92. Far from home: the housing of asylum seekers in private rented accommodation / Deborah Garvie

    London : Shelter, 2004

  93. Fast, Fair and Final: Reforming Canada’s Refugee System / Peter Showler and Maytree

    Toronto : Maytree Foundation, 2009

  94. Financial Literacy Programs for Migrants: a municipal action plan / Municipal Action on Immigrant Integration

    Washington, DC : National League of Cities, 2010

  95. Financial literacy for newcomers: weaving immigrant needs into financial education / by Rebecca Armstrong

    Durham, NC : Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, 2005

  96. Findings from the Holme Wood (Bradford) Development Project: demographic changes and effects / Huw Illingworth

    London : Young Foundation, 2008

  97. Fit for life: using sports as an educational tool for the inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities

    Brussels : SALTO-Youth Resource Centres, 2005?

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  98. Five Steps for Immigrant Professionals to Prepare for the Job Search

    New York : Upwardly Global,

  99. Fort Wayne, Indiana: Community Data Profile, 2010

    Fort Wayne, Ind. : Fort Wayne-Allen County Economic Development Alliance, 2010

  100. From Consideration To Integration an environmental scan of the International Engineering Graduate experience before immigration and once in Canada: Final report from Phase I / Prepared by Darrel J. Danyluk

    Toronto : Canadian Council of Professional Engineers, 2003

  101. From Immigrants to ethnic Canadians: urban policies and community formation in the [Greater Toronto Area] GTA / Mohammad Qadeer

    Toronto : Canadian Urban Institute, 2005

  102. From Immigration to Integration: Local Solutions to a Global Challenge / Francesca Froy, Sylvain Giguère, editors

    Paris : OECD, 2008

  103. From immigration to integration: local approaches

    Paris : OECD, 2008

  104. From immigration to participation: a new report on promising practices in integration / Winnie Wong, Yves Poisson

    Ottawa : Public Policy Forum, 2008

  105. From refugee to citizen : standing on my own two feet : a research report on integration, Britishness and citizenship / Jill Rutter with Laurence Cooley, Sile Reynolds and Ruth Sheldon

    London : Refugee Support, 2007

  106. Germany adjusts to cope with a retiring Turkish population / By Naomi Kresge

    : International Herald Tribune, February 22, 2008

  107. Gesundheit Hand in Hand: das deutsche Gesundheitssystem: ein Wegweiser für Migrantinnen und Migranten / Katja Ngassa Djomo al.

    Essen : Ethno-Medizinisches Zentrum e.V., BKK Bundesverband, 2008

  108. Getting there on foot, by cycle: a strategy to advance walking and cycling in New Zealand transport

    Auckland : New Zealand Dept. of Transport, 2005

  109. Guide for developing a financial education program [video; 5 min]

    Durham, NC : Latino Community Credit Union, 2008

  110. Guide to Citizenship Ceremonies (CP 15) / Citizenship and Immigration Canada

    Ottawa : CIC, 2008

  111. Halifax Economic Growth Plan 2016-2021

    Halifax (Canada) : Halifax Regional Municipality, 2018

  112. Handbook on How to Implement a One-Stop-Shop / Catarina Reis Oliveira, Maria Abranchesand Claire Healy

    Lisbon : ACIDI, 2009

  113. Harborview Medical Center: The 2007 Foster McGaw Prize / by Terese Hudson Thrall

    : American Hospital Association, 2007

  114. Health hand in hand: the German health system: a guide for migrants / Katja Ngassa Djomo al.

    Essen : Ethno-Medizinisches Zentrum e.V., BKK Bundesverband, 2008

  115. Helping new refugees integrate into the UK: baseline data analysis from the Survey of New Refugees / Megan Daniel, Claire Devine, Rebecca Gillespie, Elizabeth Pendry and Andrew Zurawan

    United Kingdom : UK Border Agency, July 2010

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  116. Hirondelle services d'accueil et d'int?gration des immigrants (site web)

    Montreal : Hirondelle services d'accueil et d'int?gration des immigrants,

  117. Housing and integration of migrants in Europe: good practice guide: resume

    Dublin : European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions Cities for Local Integration Policy Network (CLIP)|European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions, 2007

  118. Identifying the six pillars of citizenship: learning from citizens in Halifax, Québec City, Toronto, York Region, Winnipeg, Calgary, Red Deer and Vancouver / Sander Dankelman

    Toronto : Institute for Canadian Citizenship, 2007

  119. Immigrant integration at the local level: comparison between Stuttgart and selected US cities. / Ay?e Özbabacan [Ayse Ozbabacan]

    Washington : German Marshall Fund, 2009

  120. Immigrant integration in Los Angeles: strategic directions for funders / by Manuel Pastor and Rhonda Ortiz

    Los Angeles : Program for Environmental and Regional Equity, Center for Sustainable Cities, University of Southern California, 2009

  121. Immigrant issues and cities: lessons from Toronto and Malmo (Willy Brandt working papers in International Migration and Ethnic Relations) / Don J. Devoretz

    Malmo : University of Malmo, School of International Migration and Ethnic Relations, 2004

  122. Immigrants and voting: 2008 Election profile: New York

    Washington : Migration Policy Institute, 2008

  123. Immigrants as Innovators: Boosting Canada’s Global Competitiveness / Michelle Downie

    Toronto : Conference Board of Canada, 2010

  124. Immigrants bring new take on life, and death / by Julie Middleton

    : In New Zealand Herald, 19-Oct-05

  125. Immigrants in the hinterlands / Andr? Bernard

    Ottawa : Statistics Canada, 2008

  126. Immigration and Ethnicity in the Auckland region

    Auckland : Auckland Regional Council, 2006

  127. Immigration and social cohesion in the UK: the rhythms and realities of everyday life / Mary Hickman, Helen Crowley and Nick Mai

    London : Joseph Rowntree Foundation, 2008

  128. Immigration and social cohesion in the UK: the rhythms and realities of everyday life / Mary Hickman, Helen Crowley and Nick Mai

    York, UK : Joseph Rowntree Foundation Joseph Rowntree Foundation, 2008

  129. Immigration and social cohesion in the UK: the rhythms and realities of everyday life: summary report / Mary Hickman, Helen Crowley and Nick Mai

    London : Joseph Rowntree Foundation, 2008

  130. Immigration on-the-air : a scan of broadcast news and commentary programming: media content analysis / by Douglas Gould and Associates

    New York : The Opportunity Agenda, 2008

  131. Immigration, Here and Now: Catalonia

    Barcelona : Statistical Institute of Catalonia Generalitat de Catalunya, 2009

  132. Immigration, faith and cohesion: evidence from local areas with significant Muslim populations / Hiranthi Jayaweera and Tufyal Choudhury

    York, UK : University of Oxford Joseph Rowntree Foundation, 2008

  133. Impact of immigration enforcement raids on children and families: roles for foundations / by Randy Capps, A Jay Chaudry, and Ruby Takanishi

    : Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees, 2009

  134. Improving housing, empowering communities: a Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) housing strategy and action plan for the Leeds Housing Partnership , 2005-2010

    : Leeds Housing Partnership Leeds Housing Partnership, 2005

  135. Integrating immigrant children into schools in Europe: Austria

    Brussels : Eurydice, 2004

  136. Integrating immigrant children into schools in Europe: Germany

    Brussels : Eurydice Eurydice, 2004

  137. Integration: cities make a difference: EUROCITIES response to the Communication on a Common Agenda for Integration

    Brussels : EUROCITIES, 2006

  138. Intercultural Cities: a journey through 23 European cities

    Brussels : EUROCITIES; Council of Europe, 2009

  139. Intercultural Cities: governance and policies for diverse communities

    Paris : Council of Europe, 2009

  140. Inventory and analysis of community services for immigrants and refugees in British Columbia / Grant Charles

    2008 : Affiliation of Multicultural Societies and Service Agencies of British Columbia (AMSSA), Vancouver

  141. Investing in Public-Private Partnerships: The Chicago Community Trust

    Sebastopol, CA : Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees, 2010

  142. Islam and identity in Germany

    Brussels : International Crisis Group Europe, 2007

  143. JPMorgan Chase and Upwardly Global: a case study

    New York : Upwardly Global Upwardly Global,

  144. JUMP Mathematics Lambeth pilot programme / Nikki Aduba

    Lambeth : Lambeth Council Publication Jump Math, 2006

  145. JUMP in Lambeth 2007: evaluation and impact on the KS2 national tests / Nikki Aduba

    Lambeth : Dept. of Children, Schools and Families Jump Math, 2009

  146. Jobs for workers of the world / by Bernard Simon

    Toronto : Steanwhistle Brewery Toronto Regional Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC)|Mentoring Partnership, 2008

  147. KVINFOs Mentornetværk: Welcome [English]

    Copenhagen : KVINFO, 2008

  148. Key to France: a Job and a Home by the Geographic Mobility

    Paris : Terre d'asile, 2010

  149. Las políticas de integración intercultural desarrolladas por la Policía de Fuenlabrada / José Fco. Cano de la Vega Jefe de la Policía Local de Fuenlabrada

    Madrid : Ayutamiento de Fuenlabrada, 2010

  150. Le recrutement international: attirer et conserver les expertises / Beaudoin Bergeron

    Montréal : Association de l’industrie électrique du Québec, 2009

  151. Learning from Each Other: The Integration of Immigrant and Minority Groups in the United States and Europe / Spencer P. Boyer

    Washington, DC : Center for American Progress, 2009

  152. Les receptes de Karakia

    Barcelona : Televisió de Catalunya Televisió de Catalunya, 2010

  153. Lloyds TSB: the business case for diversity

    Tadcaster : MBA Publishing, 2005

  154. Local governance and neighbourhood economy / Surrendra Santokhi

    Ottawa : Metropolis, 2007

  155. Local integration policies for migrants in Europe / Maren Borkert, Wolfgang Bosswick, Friedrich Heckmann and Doris L?ken-Kla?en

    Dublin : European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions European Forum for Migration Studies|European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions|Cities for Local Integration Policy Network (CLIP), 2007

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  156. Longitudinal survey of immigrants to Canada : process, progress, prospects / by Tina Chui

    Ottawa : Statistics Canada, 2003

  157. Made in San Francisco: findings and recommendations by the Back Streets Businesses Advisory Board

    San Francisco : Mayor’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development, 2007

  158. Madrid: A European capital embracing integration

    Luxembourg : European Commission, 2010

  159. Magie mit Methode: Persona Dolls unterstützen Dialoge mit Kindern / von Anke Krause

    Hamburg : Koerber Stiftung, 2004?

  160. Making Their Mark: Celebrating Ten Years of the Maytree Scholarship Program / Axelle Karera and Ayah Victoria McKhail; with Peter Showler

    Toronto : Maytree Foundation, 2009

  161. Making a difference Refugee successes in the world of work

    United Kingdom : The Employability Forum,

  162. Making migration work: the role of employers in migrant integration / Elizabeth Collett and Karolina Sitek

    European Policy Centre : European Policy Centre European Policy Centre, 2008

  163. Manifesto for Police Diversity Management

    Madrid : Fundación Pluralismo y Convivencia, 2010

  164. Manifiesto por la Gestion Policial de la Diversidad

    Madrid : Fundación Pluralismo y Convivencia, 2010

  165. Many nationalities – one nation: a proposal for a White House Office of New Americans Integration / Fred Tsao and Joshua Hoyt

    Chicago : Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, 2009

  166. Mapping social cohesion 2009: the Scanlon Foundation surveys: summary report / Andrew Markus

    Melbourne : Scanlon Foundation, 2009

  167. Mentorat professionnel pour immigrants

    Montréal : Numéro spéciale: Partenaires: le bulletin de la main-d'oeuvre immigrante, 2008

  168. Mentoring and befriending: a case study approach to illustrate its relevance to cohesion and cross cultural issues

    Manchester : Mentoring and Befriending Foundation, 2008

  169. MiMi: with Migrants for Migrants: improving health systems for migrant populations / Ramazan Salman

    Essen : Deutschen Gesetzlichen Unfallversicherung, 2008

  170. Migrant Voters Campaign (Dublin): press release

    Dublin : Dublin City Council, 2008

  171. Migrant women and the labour market: diversity and challenges: immigrant women in Italy / Jonathan Chaloff

    Paris : OECD, Directorate for Employment, Labour and Social Affairs, 2005

  172. Migrants, minorities and education : documenting discrimination and integration in 15 member states of the European Union / Mikael Luciak

    Luxembourg : European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia (EUMC), 2004

  173. Migration and integration: residence law and policy on migration and integration in Germany

    Berlin : Germany, Federal Ministry of the Interior, 2008

  174. Migration and the remittance euphoria: development or dependency / Susanna Mitchell

    London : New Economics Foundation, 2006

  175. Minimum Standards Charter: A Voluntary Code of Practice on Employing Migrant and European Workers

    Glasgow : Unison Scotland, 2008

  176. Mobilize the immigrant vote! evaluation of Northern California Citizenship Project’s capacity-building series and campaign / prepared by Laura Lanzerotti

    San Francisco : LaFrance Associates, 2003

  177. Mobilize the immigrant vote: toolkit for movement building electoral organizing

    San Francisco : PILA, 2006

  178. Multicultural Health Fair toolkit

    Vancouver : Affiliation of Multicultural Societies and Service Agencies of BC (AMSSA) AMSSA Multicultural Health Fair, 2007

  179. Muslims in the EU : cities report : Belgium / Hassan Bousetta and Laure-Anne Bernes

    Hamburg : Open Society Institute, EU Monitoring and Advocacy Program, 2007

  180. Muslims in the EU : cities report : Denmark / Hassan Bousetta and Laure-Anne Bernes

    Budapest : Open Society Institute, EU Monitoring and Advocacy Program, 2007

  181. Muslims in the EU : cities report : France / Sonia Tebbakh

    Budapest : Open Society Institute, EU Monitoring and Advocacy Program, 2007

  182. Muslims in the EU : cities report : Germany / Nina Mühe

    Budapest : Open Society Institute, EU Monitoring and Advocacy Program, 2007

  183. Muslims in the EU : cities report : Sweden / Göran Larsson

    Budapest : Open Society Institute, EU Monitoring and Advocacy Program, 2007

  184. Muslims in the EU : cities report : The Netherlands / Froukje Demant, Marcel Maussen, Jan Rath

    Budapest : Open Society Institute, EU Monitoring and Advocacy Program, 2007

  185. Muslims in the EU: Cities report: Germany / by Nina Mühe

    Budapest : Open Society Institute, 2007

  186. Neighbourliness + empowerment = well-being: is there a formula for happy communities? / Mandeep Hothi, with Nicola Bacon, Marcia Brophy and Geoff Mulgan

    London : Young Foundation, 2007

  187. New Americans vote! advancing social change and strengthening U.S. democracy: an action brief for fundeers

    Sebastopol, Calif : GCIR, 2006

  188. New European migration: good practice guide for local authorities / written by Dominic Byrne and Jennifer Tankard

    London : IDeA, 2007

  189. New Haven's Elm City resident cards: fact sheet

    New Haven, CT : City of New Haven City of New Haven, 2007

  190. New Zealanders' perceptions of Asia: report / by Colmar Brunton

    Wellington : Asia New Zealand Foundation, 2009

  191. OMEGA (website)

    : OMEGA OMEGA (Opportunities for Migrant Employment in Greater Auckland),

  192. OXLO, Oslo Extra Large - en by for alle

    Oslo : Oslo Kommune, 2009

  193. Older migrants and access to health and long-term care : a socially, culturally and institutionally invisible group that deserves attention / by Isabel Borges, Judy Triantafillou and Angela Cluzel

    Brussels : European Older People's Platform, 2008

  194. Older migrants in Germany: an overview with special emphasis on the Turkish population / Gerhard Naegele

    Dortmund : Institut für Gerontologie an der Universität Dortmund Institut für Gerontologie an der Universität Dortmund, 2008

  195. One Stop Shop: a new answer for immigrant integration: evaluation of the One Stop Shop project: executive summary / Rinus Penninx

    Lisbon : ACIDI University of Amsterdam. Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies, 2009

  196. One Stop for Community Services for Refugees

    Fort Wayne, Ind. : City of Fort Wayne, 2008

  197. Oslo Extra Large: Toward a broader city, free from racism and prejudice

    Oslo : Oslo Kommune, 2005

  198. Oslo: City organisations and projects active in intercultural development

    Paris : Council of Europe; European Commission, 2009

  199. PARC CENTRAL DE NOU BARRIS Barcelona 2003

    Barcelona : Aula Barcelona, 2008

  200. Papers please : the impact of the civil penalty regime on the employment rights of migrants in the UK / by Yara Evans

    London : Migrants’ Rights Network, 2008

  201. Parc Central de Nou Barris in Barcelona wins the Award conferred by Eurohypo AG

    Germany : Eurohypo AG, July 2007

  202. Partnership for Immigrant Leadership and Action (PILA) website

    San Francisco : Partnership for Immigrant Leadership and Action (PILA), 2008

  203. Persona Doll Training [website]

    London : Persona Doll Training,

  204. Persona Dolls: mit Kindern Dialogue über Ausgrenzung und Diskriminieren Eröffnen / Anke Krause

    Germany : In Kinder in Europa, Ausgrabe 3, 2007

  205. Persona dolls

    Amsterdam : International Step by Step Association,

  206. Play it fair toolkit: strengthening human rights education among children and youth in Montreal

    Montreal : Equitas – International Centre for Human Rights Education, 2007

  207. PolicESOL

    London : Basic Skills Agency National Basic Skills Strategy for Wales|Parade ESOL Service, 2005

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