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World Clock, Berlin.

Willkommen in Berlin


Join us in Berlin from June 4 to 6 for the 2nd international Cities of Migration Conference and explore the practical realities and opportunities created by today’s hyper-diverse cities.

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Stephen Fotopulos

Stephen Fotopulos: Making Nashville a City for All of Us


Strong communities, like relationships, are built on good communication and the measure of success will be the degree to which everyone is engaged in the conversation.

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Union Station concept

Putting our immigrant roots on display


Maytree President Ratna Omidvar share’s her Big Idea of the Year to transform Toronto into a city that once again works. Her idea: Showcase the memories of hundreds of thousands of immigrants who arrived here over the last century from around the globe.

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Beyond Pizza & Kebab Entrepreneurship: Immigrant job creators


Immigrant-led innovation and small business incubation have governments around the world sitting up and paying attention.

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Don Flynn

New ideas for winning the migration debate in Europe


The Swiss referendum vote on migration represents a real challenge to groups supporting the rights of migrants. But it is also an opportunity to learn more about the role mobility and open borders play in our modern society.

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