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  • Subban_200x130_July2014
    Playing Together: New Citizens, Sports and Belonging

    Whatever your background or team loyalties, sport has an almost magical ability to bring people together. Now, a new study from the Institute for Canadian Citizenship underlines the important role sports can play in effective integration – especially when structural barriers to participation are removed.

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  • roger casale
    No One Should Be Afraid to Say Where They Are From

    The Chair of New Europeans, an association which promotes the rights of EU citizens including the right to freedom of movement, wants Britons to reflect on what their negative attitudes and behaviours towards migrants say about them as a nation. In this opinion piece from MRN’s Migration Pulse, Roger Casale reminds us that migrants hold a mirror up to the host nation.

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  • Mayoral-Forum-on-Mobility_2_200x130
    Mayors Seek More Power to Manage Migration

    At the first Mayoral Forum on Mobility, Migration and Development in Barcelona, mayors were unanimous in seeking a greater role for local authorities in managing migration and creating social cohesion through investments in a shared sense of belonging and local citizenship.

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  • migration-means_200x130
    #MigrationMeans campaign seeks global discourse

    A new social media campaign by the International Organization for Migration hopes to dispel suspicion about migration and encourage positive dialogue. The campaign got underway in June will run for six months, culminating on December 18, International Migrants Day.

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Recent Good Ideas

Auckland, New Zealand

Language and Learning at Play

Multicultural playgroup program helps mothers and their children feel at home and get 'school-ready'



Stockholm, Sweden

Nurturing immigrant entrepreneurs in Sweden

Partnering to help immigrant entrepreneurs access training, business advice and opportunities for success



Marseille, France

Second Chance School

Connecting employers and vocational training to educational opportunity re-connects school dropouts to future prosperity


Toronto, Canada

Quick! I am Sick! Mobile Technology for Newcomers

Mobile technology provides quick, easy access to local health facilities, physicians and pharmacists who speak your mother language.


Milan, Italy

Milan Bus Stories

Using public transportation networks to carry migration stories across the city


Living Together

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