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May 2019

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Recent Good Ideas

Toronto, Canada

Eliminating Barriers for Displaced Individuals

Credential assessment for immigrants displaced by political unrest, conflict, and natural disasters when verifiable documents are not available


Employment Inclusion

Kuopio, Finland

Encouraging Cities to Bring Locals and Immigrants Together

Good ideas from Kuopio, a city that's planning for a multicultural future


Cultural Inclusion

New York City, United States

Emma’s Torch: Creating Culinary Space for Refugees Dreams

Harnessing the power of the culinary industry to help refugees find jobs and build new lives with a twelve-week, paid apprenticeship program


Economic Inclusion

Halifax, Canada

Welcomed in Halifax

A free transit pass for newcomers helps refugees access city services, get to work or school, and explore the city along with their new neighbours


Living Together

Peterborough, Canada

Cooking Up Opportunity

Empowering newcomer women through cooking becomes a perfect recipe for acquiring workplace English and entrepreneurial skills.


Cultural Inclusion

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