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June 2016

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Münster, Germany

Building Better Housing for Refugees Means Better Housing For All

Improving living standards for refugees helps normalize the refugee settlement experience for everyone, turning strangers into neighbours.



Cleveland, United Sates

Dream Neighbourhoods: City Innovation in Refugee Housing

Community leaders, nonprofit groups and public officials weaves refugee housing into plans for revitalizing derelict neighbourhoods.


Living Together

New York City, United States

Cities for Citizenship

Citizenship is a powerful tool that can lift families out of poverty, and is also an untapped revenue tool for municipalities.


Democratic institutions

Toronto, Canada

PINs: Professional Immigrant Networks

Professional networks help immigrants help themselves: Networking the networks builds connections and new opportunities for immigrant employment


Frankfurt, Germany

Integrating Refugees ‘Stitch By Stitch’

Award winning entrepreneurs and social innovators produce garments for German fashion labels while giving refugee women a chance to work


Living Together

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