Monthly Archive - February 2012

Amsterdam: Integrating Cities Conference


EUROCITIES, the network of Europe’s largest cities, will host its fifth Integrating Cities conference, taking place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on March 8-9 2012.

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City Stories


The call for submissions of city-led practice is closed. Now comes the hard work of sifting through over forty entries. This spring we will publish highlights from the municipal collection, followed by a series of region-focused “snapshots” of good municipal practice. In the fall, look for a report with recommendations for city leadership and lessons for community partners.

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Toledo: Police Diversity Management Awards


At the first national meeting of local security chiefs in Toledo, Spain, the Platform for Police Diversity Management gave out its awards for “Management of the Diverse Society.”

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Ayesha Saran Talks Transaltantic Trends: Immigration


“The survey found that public attitudes are more complex and nuanced than is often reported.”

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