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World Clock, Berlin.

Willkommen in Berlin


The early-bird registration for the Cities of Migration conference is ending soon. And If you’ve already registered, we look forward to seeing you soon.

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Cities in the Forefront of Fight against Racism


While March saw many events across the world against racism, for many cities campaigns against racism and xenophobia are year-round efforts.

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Kids playing soccer

Fair Game: Good Sporting Ideas for Integration


At our upcoming Cities of Migration conference in Berlin, we will debate on whether professional football is powerless to end racism. For context, we present here some Good Ideas from around the world that use sport to ease the process of migration and integration.

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Emila Wanat

Immigrant = The New Mainstream


In this Cafebabel column, Emilia Wanat is of the opinion that immigration has become a subject of political bickering and not the subject of potential laws. She says the refusal to come to terms with movement of people symbolizes our poor understanding of globalization.

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Coffee and Bradenburg Gate

Conference Café: Cities and the Case for Migration


Cities have long been the primary entry point for immigrants because that’s where economic opportunity and future success exist at scale. It is in the interest of cities to manage this process well and help newcomers settle and integrate.

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