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The Changing Face of American Cities


Cities in the United States are usually grouped geographically. Now a new report from the US Brookings Institute says a “new Metropolitan map of the nation is emerging….”

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Save the date! The 2010 International Cities of Migration Conference


Join us for our first international conference, From Migration to Integration: An Opportunity Agenda for Cities, The Hague, October 3-4, 2010. For more information, visit the 2010CoM conference website!

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Traveling Good Ideas….


Valeisha, from Toronto, connects a Good Idea about Chinese textile workers in Bologna to Mauritius and French Europe.

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Interview: Irene Guidikova at Intercultural Cities


Irena Guidikova, the Head of Cultural Policy at the Diversity and Intercultural Dialogue Division of the Council of Europe, talks about intercultural integration and good practice in the Intercultural Cities network in Europe.

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Mapping URBACT Cities


URBACT’s interactive map of EU cities, programs and projects is now online. This dazzling look at the new Europe ignores regional and jurisdictional divisions in favour of city networks organized around sustainable urban development issues.

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Dispatches from Canadian cities


From recent immigrant to integrated citizen: cities across Canada share solutions that work. Local leaders in cities across Canada take action to integrate skilled newcomers into the workplace to ensure future prosperity in our cities and communities.

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