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From Consideration To Integration an environmental scan of the International Engineering Graduate experience before immigration and once in Canada: Final report from Phase I. Toronto : Canadian Council of Professional Engineers, 2003.

Launched in January 2003, From Consideration to Integration (FC2I) is a three-phase project. In Phase I, the project team researched the Canadian immigration process, provincial and territorial engineering licensing procedures and approaches to assessing the credentials of IEGs, and gathered feedback from IEGs, settlement workers and from those who employ engineers.
Project funding is provided by the Government of Canada's Human Resources Partnership Directorate and is part of an effort by the government to attract, develop and maintain a world-class labour force. The project recognizes the important role that international engineering graduates can play in helping Canada to remain at the forefront of innovation.

Source: Donloadable monograph available from the Canadaian Council of Professional Engineers website: http://fc2i.engineerscanada.ca

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