Arrival City Book Club

November 2nd, 2014

arrival-cityThis January, join readers around the world for an online reading of Canadian journalist Doug Saunders’ Arrival City: The Final Migration and Our Next World, a progressive and optimistic narrative about our urban future that maps a world of “arrival cities”, the destination for new migrants.

Most humans on the planet now live in cities and over the next few decades, another quarter to a third of the world will join them. This urban migration marks the most decisive social and cultural shift since the Enlightenment. “We will end the century as a wholly urban species,” notes Doug Saunders, the consequences of which will affect everything from governance systems and financial markets to climate conditions and fuel resources.

The City Builder Book Club is launching its online reading of  Arrival City in January 2015, inviting urbanists, migration experts, practitioners, and advocates from across the world to join a guided reading and global discussion of the book.  Facilitated by a cast of global contributors who will respond to each chapter in a series of weekly readings, we hope to stimulate an energetic dialogue with input from people who are working locally on issues of urban migration–from innovative planning, policy and design solutions to entrepreneurship and impromptu social organizations that are responding to the phenomenon of this massive shift.

The Centre for City Ecology and Cities of Migration are joining forces to bring you an engaging online exploration of  Arrival City. In addition to weekly blog posts by international contributors, readers can look forward to free bi-weekly interactive activities and events, and lively online dialogues.

Join the conversation! Sign up to participate and receive updates, here.

Follow us on Twitter @CityBuilderBook and join the conversation with the hashtags #ArrivalCity and #CityBuilders.


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