The Changing Face of American Cities

May 28th, 2010

URBAN TRENDS. Cities in the United States are usually grouped together geographically. We have East Coast or West Coast Cities, Sun Belt or Rust Belt cities, Midwest or New England cities.

Now the US Brookings Institute has found a new way to evaluate and group cities.  In the recently released State of Metropolitan America report, Brookings identifies seven categories of metropolitan areas based on their population growth rates, their levels of racial and ethnic diversity, and the rates at which their adults have earned college degrees.  Together these indicators say more about the metropolitan areas than their geographic location (the report includes an interactive map that allows for a comparison of the different indicators).

The report’s focus on these demographic changes is considered to be a preview of the social changes and trends that the 2010 Census will reveal.

“We see a new Metropolitan map of the nation is emerging, ” says Brookings Institute’s Alan Berube. “”If you want to know where our nation is heading in the next ten, twenty years, all you have to do is look at these cities.”

The report is the work of three Brookings Senior Fellows in the Metropolitan Policy Program Alan Berube, Audrey Singer and William Frey.

Source: The Brookings Institute and 2020cities.

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