Cities of Migration takes the ‘Marketplace of Good Ideas’ to Seattle!

September 13th, 2011

October 25, 2011 – The Maytree Foundation and the J. M. Kaplan Fund are proud to host the Cities of Migration Marketplace of Good Ideas at the National Immigrant Integration Conference (NIIC)  in Seattle this year. Both foundations, one located in Canada and the other in the United States, recognize the importance of effective immigrant integration work in creating cohesive, vibrant and dynamic communities across the globe.

As its name suggests, Cities of Migration shares stories from cities – from old capitals and rustbelt cities to new gateways and emerging urban regions – that are reinventing themselves for the 21st century, animated by the energy and opportunity that immigration provides. Accordingly, the Marketplace of Good Ideas brings you ten immigrant integration success stories from ten great cities: five are winners of the E Pluribus Unum Award winners, in the United States and five more are outstanding international practices from Toronto, London, Barcelona, Kerpen, and Auckland. Each of these innovative practices has harnessed the power of good ideas to develop winning strategies and practical solutions to the challenges facing our immigrant-receiving cities. All of them are ready to be adapted and transferred to new cities and new audiences across our urban neighbourhoods, workplaces and public spaces.

The successes we choose to share are important for a simple and compelling reason. When integration is done well, it fuels economic growth, spurs innovation and talent renewal, creates new knowledge, and promotes an open, richer and more inclusive social fabric. New forms of social, economic, cultural and political capital are creating benefits for thriving urban communities globally.

This year our conference hosts invite us all to widen the field, to bring in new allies and partners and take the conversation about immigrant integration on the road. It is in this spirit that we join you here in Seattle for a dynamic tour of outstanding immigrant integration practices. We urge you to start a conversation, ask questions, discover new colleagues, and take home some fresh ideas and approaches.

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Read all the Good Ideas profiles in the Marketplace of Good Ideas Workbook

Conference website: National Immigrant Integration Conference (NIIC)

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