Correcting a Diversity Gap

February 12th, 2015

On February 24, 2015, the award-winning DiverseCity onBoard program will launch nationally, replicating the Toronto model in cities across Canada.

“DiverseCity onBoard is a nimble solution to bridge the diversity gap in governance,” noted Ratna Omidvar, Global Diversity Exchange. “Diversity in Canada is on the rise and is one of Canada’s greatest strengths. Yet, whilst our cities and urban regions have become more ethnically and racially diverse over time, their leadership, be it political, social, cultural or economic is still a reflection of “old Canada”. We need to embrace the full spectrum of skills, experiences and connections available. Capitalizing on our immense talent pool is an imperative for today’s non-profit, public and corporate boards.”

DiverseCity onBoard was the recipient of the international Intercultural Innovation Award, in Doha in 2011, recognized by the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations and BMW Group. The award accelerated the program’s replication agenda, and has helped bring together like-minded leaders and organizations for  international learning exchanges in Toronto (2013) and Berlin (2014).  Today a vibrant international community of practice connects 22 cities in 10 countries to this catalytic strategy for building inclusion and diversity into the fabric of decision-making in our public institutions.


DiverseCity onBoard: DiverseCity onBoard ensures that the governance of agencies, boards and commissions in the voluntary, charitable and public sectors reflects more closely reflects the lived reality of the community. It conducts research, and analyzes the impact and benefits of embedding governance diversity into institutions and organizations. It develops platforms to enable organizations and individuals to connect with each other and build their governance capacity with a focus on diversity and inclusion. It offers self-paced, affordable quality online governance training to all individuals and all sectors. It builds the essential social networks across communities that area a precursor for social cohesion. Started in Toronto, the program has 1500 individuals from visible minority and under-represented communities as its customers and has facilitated the appointment of over 720 individuals to the governance bodies of the GTA’s many agencies, boards and commissions across a range of organizations in the public and voluntary sectors.

For more information, contact: onboard(at) , or visit the DiverseCity onBoard website.

Read the DiverseCity onBoard ‘Good Idea’ profile at Cities of Migration,

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