Earth Day, Going Global!

May 25th, 2010

On April 22, global cities and local neighbourhoods around the world celebrated Earth Day and our shared role in supporting our planet. At Cities of Migration, we take pride in the way our webinars are able to connect global cities and bring people together around good ideas -with no carbon footprint. In recognition of Earth Day, we invite you to look at some Good Ideas on environment and stories about healthy cities.

Newcomer populations are often the most vulnerable to environmental hazards, due to deficits in local housing and neighbourhood  or in workplaces where they may be unaware of their rights and  responsibilities (see, for example, Bologna’s Chinese textile workers).

Cultural diversity and the environment are still terms that don’t always overlap. However, this is changing. Groups like People Organising to Demand Environmental and Economic Rights (PODER) from San Francisco’s Southeast neighbourhood recognize that economic, environmental and racial justice are interconnected and can be addressed effectively by unifying community voice.

Healthy cities?  Explore community gardening in East London, or follow Copenhagen’s lead and get on your bike!  Toronto has.

The Toronto Cyclist’s Union and CultureLink are making their city a healthy, safe place for all Torontonians.  This spring, the Toronto Cyclists Union and CultureLink received the 2010 Innovation of the Year Award from  US-based Alliance for Biking and Walking for it’s Partnership for Integration and Sustainable Transportation. The partnership promotes cycling among newcomers to Toronto with posters, a Cyclists Handbook, and workshops available in 16 of the city’s most commonly spoken languages.

Yvonne Bambrick, Executive Director of the Toronto Cyclists Union: “This project is helping us to grow roots in Toronto’s diverse communities, and to exchange knowledge about sustainable habits here and around the world.”

For more environmental Good Ideas see:

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