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May 25th, 2011

This month, we are excited to put a spotlight on renowned urbanist and global thought leader Saskia Sassen about ‘unscrambling’ today’s immigration policies. Over twenty years ago, Sassen positioned cities as vital nodes in global networks powered by the dynamism and mobility of a new Urban Age. In this highly connected paradigm, “citiness” means ideas and people working together to drive creativity and invention. In this month’s Opinion, Sassen returns to the mutuality of action and actor in a critique of immigration policies that fail to bring all of us to the table.

Internationally-acclaimed author, Suketu Mehta (Maximum City: Bombay Lost and Found), talks about wooing immigrants in Detroit, urban villages within Mumbai and New York and why places like Jackson Heights and Hamtramck are the new cities of arrival. Also in the mix, Cities of Migration listens in to media stories from Barcelona and Toronto about the business case for diversity and how smart ideas are taking local innovation to national heights.

Summer is almost here. Before school’s out, take a lesson from Malmo and Frankfurt about helping children succeed at school – Join us on June 22 for a webinar, Opening Doors: Strategies of Immigrant Student Success!

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