Financial Inclusion = Financial Opportunity

April 13th, 2010

Financial inclusion and financial opportunity are two sides of a coin when thinking about the economic integration of migrants in today’s cities. This month’s interview takes us to London where Omar Khan at the Runnymede Trust talks about how financial inclusion underpins a range of social and economic issues and translates meaningfully into fairness and participation for newcomer and marginalized populations alike.

New Good Ideas in Integration include a look at Fair Finance, a London NGO that is offering a range of loan products to the ‘unbanked’ in London’s East End – and coming up in the black. At Barcelona Activa, a dynamic business incubator weaves social inclusion into the financial opportunities that immigrant entrepreneurs create for city growth and prosperity.

You can learn more about these Good Ideas during this month’s webinar, The Cost Of Admission: Strategies For Financial Inclusion. Join us on April 13, 2010, for fresh thinking, good questions and insider tips.

Browse the Cities of Migration e-zine for more on this topic, or see more Good Ideas on Financial Inclusion from Bologna, Chicago, Boston and Helsinki.

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