Living Together in Difficult Times

February 12th, 2015

Conversations in Integration,  Editorial, February  2015

Cities of migration are places of inclusion and exclusion. The chilling events of the new year, from Charlie Hebdo to Pegida, remind us that discrimination and prejudice on all sides remain important challenges to face.

Research shows that people living in diverse neighbourhoods are more tolerant and open to diversity. However, we also know that inequality and poverty of opportunity can lead to alienation and disengagement whatever your background. Findings from Open Society Foundations’ seminal work on marginalized white working class communities resonate with Rokhaya Diallo’s balanced analysis of rhe politics of exclusion and its impact on extremism. Whether it’s white flight to extemism (Pegida) or the radicalism of the banlieue (Charlie Hebdo), there are no simple explanations for these abject failures.

As Doug Saunders notes in Arrival City, successful cities are always making room for “the other”. Inclusion and a sense of belonging are key to immigrant success and critical underpinnings of the social and economic resilience that every great city needs to realize the potential of every citizen, including immigrants, and the promise of shared prosperity for all.

In recognition of these challenges, and in the spirit of fostering a greater sense of inclusion and belonging, this edition of our newsletter is dedicated to “Living Together.”

Read the newsletter:  Cities of Migration, Conversations in Integration, February 2015.


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