London: Update on Maslaha

December 16th, 2010

The Maslaha Project works with both Muslim and non-Muslim communities to improve access to knowledge, address inequalities, and enable a richer understanding of Islam.

Maslaha, an Arabic word meaning ‘for the common good’, is the concept driving the London-based project’s work. The Maslaha Project brings together a wide range of voices across generations, sectors, professions and cultures to provide practical support and help create a shared understanding of Islam within the context of today’s society.

New project highlights:

  • Working closely with teachers and schools to provide curriculum resources showing the contribution of Islam and Muslims to many subjects. They are also currently working with the Princes School of Traditional Arts and the HRH Prince Khalid Al-Faisal bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud’s Painting & Patronage Foundation to build an interactive resource in Mulberry School of Girls.
  • Exciting online exhibitions built in partnership with the British Council as part of its Our Shared Europe programme, spanning numerous countries and highlighting the constant influence and sharing of ideas that has occurred between Muslim and European individuals, illustrating how Europe today would not be the same without the Islam of yesterday. Their most recent exhibition – ‘Evliya Celebi: Book of Travels‘ – was very recently opened for a second time by the President of Turkey in London and will be touring internationally
  • Dynamic health resources which address health inequalities in Muslim communities by providing information in a way that resonates with every day life and thinking, bringing together medical and Islamic advice –,,, Maslaha has won awards from the London Health Commission, based at London City Hall, and Diabetes UK for these resources.
  • I Can Be She – pioneering project exploring the role Muslim women have played through history in parallel with the powerful achievements of Muslim female role models today

To learn more about promoting health to religious communities with culturally sensitive resources and tools, read:

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