New Report! Good Ideas on Economic Inclusion: Access to Banking

September 24th, 2013

Why is access to banking an important issue for immigrants? It leads to increased opportunities from taking out a loan to cover the cost of updating credentials to using a bank account to pay everyday bills. The cost of exclusion is too high to ignore – especially in times of economic austerity.

Our new Cities of Migration report shows that solutions are already on the ground. Good Ideas on Economic Inclusion: Access to Banking includes expert commentary by Omar Khan, Runnymede Trust, and highlights innovative programs and organizations that put newcomers first – whether it is offering a microfinance fund in Calgary, using international ID cards to open a bank account in San Francisco, or building a credit history “pre-arrival.”

This is the first report in a series that examines issues related to the economic integration of immigrants in the neighbourhoods, high streets and workplaces of today’s cities. Future reports in the Economic Inclusion series will showcase smart practices that promote access to employment as well as entrepreneurial success.

Download Good Ideas on Economic Inclusion: Access to Banking.

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