On the Trail of Good Ideas with Sister Lena Deevy: Kerpen to Boston

August 22nd, 2012

Good Ideas about successful integration are traveling from city to city. This month meet Sister Lena Deevy, Executive Director, Irish International Immigrant Center (IIIC), Boston. We spoke with her at the 4th annual National Immigrant Integration Conference (NIIC) in 2011.

The Cities of Migration Good Idea that really caught my eye was the Integration Workshop for Inclusive Cities from Kerpen, Germany.

Why? What I really liked about it was it was a very thoughtful, well-planned process of involving people at different levels, like the city level. It was really good for me because I work with  bringing grassroots people together. So this gave me an idea of the real importance of involving all the stakeholders of the city together.

Everyone had to be a participant at all levels of the city: the politicians, business people and advocates. I really liked this. It said everyone was on the journey together: everybody had a stake, everybody realizing their interdependence and what every person has to offer to build a healthy city.

How do you plan this share this Good Idea?

I feel very passionate about people coming together and the idea of people mutually respecting one another, so I plan to share with my own organization, the other organizations I work with. I certainly would like to talk to a group of people about using this model in our city.

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