On the Trail of Good Ideas: Mobilizing from Los Angeles to Copenhagen

March 7th, 2011

Good Ideas about successful integration practice are easy to export and are traveling from city to city. This month Beatriz Hernandez de Fuhr, from Copenhagen, Denmark, finds some answers from a Good Idea about mobilizing the vote from Los Angeles. Do you have a story to share? Submit a good idea!

Beatriz Hernandez de Fuhr, Mentor Network Coordinator, KVINFO (Danish Centre for Information on Gender, Equality, and Ethnicity), Copenhagen, Denmark

The Good Idea that really caught my eye was: From Los Angeles, The Partnership for Immigrant Leadership and Action’s (PILA) Mobilize the Immigrant Vote Toolkit for mobilizing people into action.


In Demark, not enough women, and of course, not enough immigrant women, are involved in political life; so in 2009 KVINFO used mentoring as a first step towards encouraging political participation of immigrant women at the municipal level and it worked! However, after reading PILA’s MIV Toolkit I realized that there is a lot to be done to mobilize voters.

How did you share this Good Idea?

I’ve sent the link to all the individuals and organizations in Denmark for whom I thought the PILA’s experience could be relevant.

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