Ready, Set, Go! The Opportunity Agenda Takes Off!

November 16th, 2010

From city leadership to municipal levers of power, media management to mainstreaming new audiences, from the marketplace to the corporate boardroom, ideas were flying off the shelves at the 2010 Cities of Migration Conference in The Hague last month. 175 migration experts, practitioners and city leaders from over 75 cities and 22 countries took the conference’s opportunity agenda to heart and made it their own. Over two short days, participants from cities as far flung as New York and Berlin, Birmingham, Singapore, Auckland and Montreal shared their stories of local integration success. It gave us the opportunity to imagine how these ideas might travel home with us and make a contribution to the prosperity and well-being of our own cities of migration.

Conference feedback has been positive, with a strong endorsement of the “politics of optimism.” Participants want to continue to hear positive messages about the value of diversity and practical lessons based on the success of local integration initiatives by police, health professionals, municipal leaders, educators, activists and media -and many other city actors.

For those that couldn’t join us, we invite you to look at what our participants and local media reported out from cities like London, Paris, Toronto and Barcelona.

Conference Resources:

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