Singapore in Photos

May 29th, 2013

Toronto-born “urban-geographic explorer” JT Singh has a passion for discovering what makes global cities tick. For a special Cities of Migration assignment, he visited Singapore and now shares his views on this multi-ethnic city-state, its success as well as the tensions that changing migration patterns bring.

“A single image doesn’t tell you much, but as a collection, a pattern emerges to form a meaningful narrative. This photo essay is a narrative of the human drama and spirit of Singapore’s unique sort of diversity.” JT Singh

Photo Credit: JT Singh

JT Singh
 is an urban-geographic explorer and next-generation thinker about the value and impact of 21st century cities and their ‘city-zens’. JT’s insightful reconnaissance of hundreds of emerging cities offers a lens on where ‘things are heading’ for the urban world in which we operate. JT Singh is co-founder of Thrilling Cities, a global city building lab based in Shanghai, London and Singapore

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