Video: Looking for New Ideas

November 30th, 2012

“Spain is in a deep economic crisis…. We have so munch talent from newcomers coming in and we’re not making a good use of it. There’s a big potential for new innovation, creativity and new ideas.”

Michaela Hertel, Director of Fundación Bertelsmann (Barcelona), talks about the importance of looking for new ideas to improve diversity in leadership in Spain. She was interviewed at the DiverseCity onBoard Learning Exchange in Toronto in October 2012.


Michaela Hertel is the Director of Fundación Bertelsmann. She has been the Head of the Fundación Bertelsmann since 2004. She is a member of the Management, Committee of Bertelsmann Stiftung; deputy chairwoman of the Biblioteca Can Torró Foundation in Alcúdia, Mallorca; deputy chairwoman of the board of the Foundations Association; and Coordinadora Catalana de Fundacions in Barcelona.

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