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Cities of Migration is looking for outstanding examples of city leadership on immigrant integration. We want to know more about how local governments can facilitate the settlement and integration of newcomers, and promote immigrant and city success.

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Look for new Good Ideas from Successful Cities online and a special publication series from Spring 2012.

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Submission Criteria

We are looking for city-led activities across a wide field: from planning, zoning, and infrastructure, to services, housing and employment to human resources, procurement and monitoring. See “Municipal Scope and themes.”

  • Municipal practices are city-led practices directed by local governments.
  • Municipal practices include:
    • the work and voice of elected and non-elected leaders;
    • local government offices, departments and programs;
    • agencies, boards and commissions  governed by local authorities (including transportation, housing, zoning, planning departments, health boards, arts and recreation, police and emergency services, and more)
  • Municipal practices can be submitted by municipal and non-municipal actors
  • Municipal practices must demonstrate more than a funding relationship with the local authority.
  • Submission form can be completed online or submitted by email to

Submit a Good Idea

  • Please provide a short summary of the main features of the practice.
  • Describe the strategies used by your project and why.
  • Describe project outcomes and who it benefits.
  • Describe your project’s main achievements, and other indicators of success, such as prizes, media, audience testimonials or related forms of recognition. For example, has your project has been replicated, received new investment or new partners?
  • Provide the name and a short description of the city office, department or agency that has primary responsibility for the practice.
  • List any other organizations, departments or agencies affiliated with this project.
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