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San Francisco, United States

Bank On San Francisco

A local government partnership provides banking services to the financially excluded

Good Ideas in Integration


Discover ideas that show how urban planning and built form can influence the successful integration of immigrants. Whether it is how planning can integrate infrastructure design to support social integration or a strategic plan that incorporates diversity as a core value, good ideas under Plan include work that cuts across all theme areas to contributes to vibrant and prosperous cities. This includes planning in transportation and public spaces (parks, streets, malls), zoning by-laws, neighbourhood renewal projects, participatory budgeting and strategic planning, and local environmental initiatives.

Recent Good Ideas

London, United Kingdom


Muslim Girls Fence

Toronto, Canada


COSTI Syrian Refugee Professional Internship Program

Stuttgart, Germany


Refugee Dialogues
Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart   

Bristol, United Kingdom
Ashley Community Housing  

Frankfurt, Germany
One Samson, One World
Samson AG  

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