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COMRàdio: Syndication model delivers the village square


April 20, 2011

Immigrant integration that comes through the airwaves

In the autonomous region of Catalonia in Spain, COMRàdio is creating a network of syndicated radio programming for local municipal stations with a focus on content aimed at immigrant integration. The programming is offered in Spanish as well as Catalan in an attempt to reach both newcomers and native-born residents.

Since the 1960s, Catalonia has received various waves of migration – from Andalusia and Extremadura in southern Spain, from north and central Africa, Latin America and finally, other parts of Europe. With Barcelona as the capital of the region, it has also attracted many English speakers as well.

It is with this diverse population in mind that COMRàdio has developed a multi-pronged approach to meeting the needs of its many audiences. Sindicada is an online platform that syndicates radio content to over 140 municipal stations in the region as part of the Consorci de Comunicació Local (Communication Municipal Consortium). This allows smaller stations to have access to high quality production. Five hundred pieces of content are downloaded to the network each week.

“Our goal is to integrate all these people from different backgrounds,” says Francesc Triola, Director General, COMRàdio. “And how do we do it? By creating a common space, the radio, where they can know each other. The radio would be like the village square where everyone that lives there can go, talking and knowing each other and, thus, creating empathies.”

From One to Many

One example of syndication is the offering of a Catalan language course that began at a village radio station. The community had received many migrants and the lessons were seen an opportunity for newcomers to learn the language. Now broadcast once a week, over fifty stations now use this content via Sindicada.

“In Catalonia, these small stations were the first to do programs for immigration matters,” says Triola, “because experience shows us that it is important to talk about matters of everyday life where immigrants live, that is to say, in towns and cities.”

In 2007, COMRàdio started LatinCOM which offers Spanish-language programming in recognition that either many already speak Spanish or will learn it first before Catalan. The content allows the Latin American population to keep in touch with news from the continent as well as share stories with their home countries through more syndication. There are also future plans to create programming in English.

COMRàdio’s Sindicada service received the 2010 Bdigital Award for Digital Innovation as well two honourable mentions from the Radio Association of Catalonia.

Making it Work for You:

  • Look for ideas from your smallest partners
  • Integration is not just one way. Give immigrants access to the information they want, including news from home

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