Helsinki, Finland

VALOA: Moving international talent from university to employment

University of Helsinki

December 16, 2009

VALOA joins 19 universities, city councils and entrepreneurs’ organisations together to promote the employability of international degree students studying in Finnish universities in the Finnish job market.

Ping Chen, University of Helsinki

Ping Chen, University of Helsinki

As a result of increased international cooperation between universities, the number of foreign degree students in Helsinki and across Finland has grown. Currently, Finland has 11,000 international degree students and aims to increase this to 20,000 students by 2010. Finland’s total national population is just over 5 million.

Attracting international talent is the first step.  Retention is the next. The VALOA project, led by Career Services at the University of Helsinki,  has joined 19 other universities, city councils and entrepreneur organizations to create a framework to transition these students into the local market. The project is starting in the Helsinki metropolitan area in late 2009 and will specifically targets small and medium size enterprises that are internationalizing and growing.

The tools being used include training university teaching and guidance staff to promote international students into the Finnish job market, an employers tool kit that will include practical tools to make obtaining permits and contracts simple as well as resources on guiding an international university student into a new job. The project will also be actively working to to do its part to promote their work and help make the attitude of local society more welcoming to newcomers overall.

For more information, contact: Paivi Jyry, Project Manager, Career Services, University of Helsinki at Paivi.Jyry@helsinki.fi.