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Toronto: StartRight with Scotiabank

April 7, 2010

Helping immigrants establish a secure future through pre-arrival financial services

Imagine being able to set up a bank account, build a credit history, obtain a credit card and organize a mortgage all before you leave your country of origin. That’s the idea behind ScotiaBank’s StartRight Program.

ScotiaBank is a Canadian bank with a presence in more than 50 countries and a strong commitment to serving multicultural communities. In cities such as Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary, the “We Speak Your Language”  program posts customized signage that lets customers know what languages are available among branch staff to support their communication and service needs. In the City of Calgary, for instance, bank employees have skills in a total of 42 languages.

With the StartRight program, immigrants can increase the rate at which they integrate by acquiring a sense of confidence and institutional connection upon arrival. At the same time, ScotiaBank is signing up an entirely new customer base which will likely continue to bank with them as they settle into work, pay taxes, buy properties, businesses and invest in their new lives. A win win situation for all parties.

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