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Webinar: Qualified to Work: Tapping the Skills and Experience of Internationally-Trained Immigrants

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December 5, 2011

Big Ideas: Dialogue on Diversity: Setting the Stage for Business Growth and Innovation

Cities of Migration hosted an online conversation with Jane Allen, Partner and Chief Diversity Officer, Deloitte (Toronto) to talk about why diversity is important and what organizations can do to successfully integrate skilled, internationally-trained workers and fuel economic growth. Interview host: Justin Treagus, CEO, OMEGA (Auckland, New Zealand)

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October 20, 2016

Webinar: What Comes First — Language or Work?

Employers are often faced with the question of whether to prioritize language or job opportunity. Language proficiency and ability to communicate is essential for success in the workplace and long-term career growth, but can employees work and learn at the same time? In this webinar, Hire Immigrants will address this important question of ‘What comes first — language or work?‘

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September 24, 2014

Webinar: From the Boardroom to the Decision Table: Training Diverse Leadership

If visible minorities and immigrants make up a growing population, why are they still largely absent from the city’s boardrooms and corridors of power? Enter programs like Diversity OnBoard (Toronto, Canada), and the West Midlands Civic leadership (Birmingham, United Kingdom) that are using practical strategies to close the diversity gap. Join Cities of Migration for an online discussion about what it takes to change the faces of civic and political leadership and connect public institutions to the talent they need for competitive growth.

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