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October 30, 2014

Webinar: Generation to Generation: Empowering Newcomer Youth and Families

Learn about award-winning programs from Wellington, New Zealand and Toronto, Canada that improve language and digital literacy for immigrant families and youth by removing barriers to technology, promoting inter-generational tutoring, and strengthening community relations through education.

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February 23, 2011

Webinar: Healthy Communities: Immigrants helping immigrants access healthcare

Cities of Migration hosted a 60 minute webinar to explore innovative strategies for connecting internationally trained health workers and immigrant patients to the health care system. Staying healthy means knowing when and where to go for medical help and having access to experts who can speak your language, culturally and linguistically. Find out how programs in San Francisco and Hannover are actively connecting internationally-trained health care professionals to employment and training diverse cultural mediators to improve health literacy within immigrant communities.

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Fatima Shama 200
March 25, 2014

Big Ideas Webinar: New York City’s Blueprints for Immigrant Integration Success

Join Fatima Shama, former Commissioner, New York City Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs, for a conversation about why cities around the world are taking the lead on immigrant integration and how New York’s “Blueprints” for immigrant integration success can help. In conversation with Astrid Ziebarth, Director of Migration & Society at the German Marshall Fund in Berlin.

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