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Barcelona, Spain

From Neighbours to Citizens: the Barcelona Interculturality Plan

A roadmap to the intercultural city based on common values, civic participation and everyday interactions.

The Living Together collection @ Cities of Migration showcases innovative local practices that promote social inclusion, participation and intercultural dialogue. This includes practices, strategies and initiatives in the following areas:

  • social cohesion, equality and nondiscrimination;
  • belonging, identity and interaction;
  • intercultural dialogue;
  • participation and citizenship; and participatory approaches that strengthen engagement between civil society and local government institutions.

The Living Together collection builds on the work of the Open Society Foundations’ At Home in Europe project.

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Berlin, Germany

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Staatliche Museen zu Berlin  

Cologne, Germany

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Refugee ‘Sprachraum’: Meet, Greet, Learn
Cologne Public Library  

Toronto, Canada


Starbucks and the First One Thousand
Starbucks Canada  

Mechelen, Belgium


World Mayor, Minister of Society
City of Mechelen  

Jerusalem, Israel
MiniActive: Local Women, Local Action
Jerusalem Intercultural Center  

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