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Fort Wayne, États-Unis

Porte d'entrée à Little Burma

Les nouvelles villes-portes s'assurent que les nouvelles communautés comptent – et qu'elles soient comptées.

The Refugee Portal connects you to promising practices on the reception, settlement and inclusion of refugees and asylum seekers in cities around the world.

From housing, language learning and healthcare to employment, education and recreation, many good practices come from well-established programs and agencies with long experience in humanitarian assistance. Tried and true, they are ready to scale.

Others reflect more informal responses to refugee integration. Community-based, often citizen-led, these ‘works in progress’ are providing local solutions and driving innovation by bringing new actors and ideas to the table.

Together, these good ideas in refugee integration are helping us build open, resilient and inclusive urban communities where all can thrive and prosper.

The Refugee Portal is a project of Integration For All, a transatlantic exchange of ideas between Cities of Migration,  Bertelsmann Stiftung (Germany), Hire Immigrants (Canada) and Welcoming America (USA).

Les bonnes idées récentes

Toronto, Canada
Cela porte loin, la main-d’œuvre multilingue : réussir globalement en exploitant la diversité
Thales Canada transportation business  

Toronto, Canada
Le droit des affaires pour les entrepreneurs immigrants
Connect Legal  

Aachen, Germany
Compter sur les réseaux d’immigrants : Réseau commercial d’Aachen
Ville d’Aachen, département du développement économique/affaires européennes  

Dublin, Irlande
Le transport relie, le racisme divise
Le Conseil de l'immigration d'Irlande  

Lisbonne, Portugal
Un guichet unique : Intégrer l’intégration
ACIDI (Alto Comissariado para a Imigração e Dialogo Intercultural)  

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