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  1. Bridging divides: the role of ethnic community-based organizations in refugee integration / Kathleen Newland, Hiroyuki Tanaka and Laura Barker

    Washington, DC : Migration Policy Institute; International Rescue Committee Migration Policy Institute|International Rescue Committee, 2007

  2. Oslo: City organisations and projects active in intercultural development

    Paris : Council of Europe; European Commission, 2009

  3. The contribution of the voluntary sector to migrant Integration in Europe / Sarah Spencer and Sarah Cooke

    Oxford: : Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS) Barrow Cadbury Trust|King Baudouin Foundation, 2006

  4. The potential of migrant and refugee community organisations to influence policy / Sue Lukes, with Vaughan Jones and Yesenia San Juan

    London : Young Foundation, 2009

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