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  1. Integrating immigrant children into schools in Europe: Austria

    Brussels : Eurydice, 2004

  2. Integrating immigrant children into schools in Europe: Germany

    Brussels : Eurydice Eurydice, 2004

  3. JUMP Mathematics Lambeth pilot programme / Nikki Aduba

    Lambeth : Lambeth Council Publication Jump Math, 2006

  4. JUMP in Lambeth 2007: evaluation and impact on the KS2 national tests / Nikki Aduba

    Lambeth : Dept. of Children, Schools and Families Jump Math, 2009

  5. Migration and mobility: challenges and opportunities for EU education systems

    Brussels : European Commission European Commission, 2008

  6. Neighbourhood Mothers in Neukölln

    Brussels : EuroCities, 2011

  7. Quality in Multicultural Schools (QUIMS): Education Directorate of the Canton of Zurich: Nominee for the Carl Bertelsmann Prize 2008

    Gütersloh : Bertelsmann Stiftung, 2008

  8. Starting a walking school bus: the basics

    Chapel Hill, NC : Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center, 2005

  9. Tackling underachievement of learners from ethnic minorities: a comparison of recent policies of school improvement in Germany, England and Switzerland / Mechtild Gomolla

    New York : Columbia University, Teachers College, 2006

  10. The walking school bus: a guide for parents and teachers / Carolyn O’Fallon

    Auckland, NZ : Pinnacle Research, 2005

  11. Walking School Bus is so much more than just walking

    Carlton South : VicHealth, 2007

  12. What works for children with mathematical difficulties? The effectiveness of intervention schemes

    London : Dept. of Children, Schools and Families Publication, 2009

  1. California Ballot Initiative Seeks to Denigrate Immigrants’ Infants at Birth (04/17/2009)
  2. Children of Temporary Foreign Workers in Alberta and Ontario can now apply for Open Work Permits (07/29/2009)
  3. Children seeking asylum to benefit from new safeguarding rights (11/02/2009)
  4. Council of Europe adopts Recommendation on the nationality of children (01/05/2010)
  5. EU court ruling over migrant UK child benefit claims (02/23/2010)
  6. EUKN 2009 Conference – Young, Urban, Migrant – From Challenge to Chance, Malmö (Sweden), 14 December 2009 (12/14/2009)
  7. European report on ‘Separated, asylum-seeking children’ (05/10/2010)
  8. Fulfilling the Promise of Preschool for All Insights into Issues Affecting Access for Selected Immigrant Groups in Chicago: new report (07/30/2009)
  9. Good teachers can fight poverty and promote inclusion for children (02/18/2009)
  10. Gordon Brown apologises to child migrants sent abroad (02/24/2010)
  11. Half The Kids In The San Francisco Bay Area Have An Immigrant Parent (01/26/2010)
  12. Immigration relaxes entry rules for child students (07/26/2010)
  13. Language and Reading Comprehension for Immigrant Children (LARCIC) Conference, Toronto, May 27-29, 2009 (05/27/2009)
  14. Migrant children do worse in school in Europe (06/08/2009)
  15. Migrant children face ordeal after lone journey to Britain (03/07/2010)
  16. Migrant children held 'too long' in detention, MPs say (11/29/2009)
  17. Millions of European children still denied an education – new global report (07/16/2009)
  18. Moving to the Land of Milk and Cookies: Obesity among the Children of Immigrants (09/01/2009)
  19. Nearly half of babies in the U.S. are born to minorities (03/10/2010)
  20. New OECD report: Children of Immigrants in the Labour Markets of EU and OECD countries: An Overview (10/29/2009)
  21. PICUM conference on undocumented children in Europe, 22-23 January 2009, Brussels (12/16/2008)
  22. Study: Half The Kids In The Bay Area Have An Immigrant Parent (01/26/2010)
  23. The BIA Has the Chance to Prevent the Wrongful Deportation of Immigrant Children (12/17/2009)
  24. Turkish pupils do better out of Netherlands (05/11/2009)
  25. UK Liberal Democrat leader, Nick Clegg, urges end to child detention 'cruelty' (12/15/2009)
  26. Undocumented Children in Europe: new report from PICUM (01/29/2009)
  27. Undocumented kids [in Sweden] have a right to school (08/17/2009)

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